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the town of Alder, a murky forgotten town at the edge of civilization. While great hunts are in effect in major cites across the continent something is stirring in the Alder. talk of a great ones deep within the sea close to the town and of the occurring insanity and sickness amongst the population. what they don't say is the stirring of beasts and chosen, beings chosen to ascend to godhood, become a great one albeit in still in human form. there is talk of worship of dark gods, some hunters come into the town to hunt , others to escape being hunted by their brethren. Something forbidden is in the middle of all this. the ravings of Mad Jacob seem to be the only information most hunters can get,if his mad ravings bear any truth, talk of fish monsters rising from the sea, strange noises at night from the dilapidated buildings. and talk of a forbidden truth deep within the town. not all is at what i seems, beasts stir but not enough to be a plague, the locals are odd with sickly skin and black eyes with folds on their face.




1) no spamming

2) im generally fine with anything have to wait for people to join so we can discuss what fetished we want

3)you need to make a bio for your character and it must fit the time period which is a victorian setting

4)i would prefer some kind of plot be happening at all times

5) general rp or story rps may have people join and leave as they please and many stories rps can be linked or mentioned as either past events or a journey at once with another

6) all rps are public its a town btw so i may have a random character join in or have a character walk by if i dont wish to join the main plot of it

7) when i say great ones im trying to be similar to lovecraftian horror, btw no expert on it i do have abook filled with stories written by him also some characters will go insane

8) please have characters fit the time period i dont want laser guns in a victorian setting

9) currently debating this but until i change my mind, perma death unless resurrected by a great one. general rps do not count, also discuss this first any deaht that just happens is against this rule deaths must be agreed upon by both parties

10) going insane is different if your character is exposed their sanity will go down depending on your characters actions, for example activiley looking for great ones or any monster will eventually wear out your sanity. with the exception of general rp which is basically just characters wandering around a vice versa with death in general rps your ocs will still be alive and sane depending on their sanity on their creation. in other words even if you lose your sanity or die in a story rp you can still be them within general

11) anyone can add lore have a monstrosity you think would fit add it to lore, have a story hentai or otherwise add it to lore, its a lore party and everyone is invited, even cthulu

12) you may rp any stories at once provided you wish to have the rps either take place at the same time or in sequence





Species:(chosen,great one, hunter, human, beast)



kinks:(if any)

turn offs(if any):

weapons(if any):


abilities(chosen/great ones/shamans/priests only):

(if hunter)Hunter's tools/artifacts:

Backstory: why are they there? How did they become whatever they are?


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