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Some things are better left in mystery some say, Captain Hans Pitz believes this as well. He has sailed all over the world along with his crew, q band of mercenaries and pirates. Things are better left untouched and yet foolish students and their professor hires the crew to take them to an uncharted island. Hans knows this will end two ways but of course the crew needs money for supplies and ammunition so of course he agreed. But what unspeakable horrors will this group of mercenaries and scholars see upon their journey as some have hinted that Hans doesn't simply take you where you want to go you'll simply never return

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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  2. onearmeddruid

    on deck

    the open deck where the 40 mm bofors cannon sits at the front. behind the bridge area chairs and crates used for sitting and light machineguns hanging off teh side are seen
  3. onearmeddruid

    cargo hold

    used mostly for weapons and either games or private activites. Rules on board passengers are allowed to have sex
  4. onearmeddruid


    the Bridge of the vessel accomodates the captain , helmsman, and radio operator
  5. the 1st and 2nd mates have to be close with Hans who served during ww2 so they would have to have fought with him or were childhood friends of his
  6. onearmeddruid


    Name: Occupation: Sanity: sexuality: kinks:(if any) turn offs(if any): weapons(Mercs only): appearance: Backstory: why are they there? How did they become whatever they are? theme:(optional)
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