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The ship Dresden is capable of holding 16 people, as well as a crew of seven, while most of the rooms are converted for storage the ship holds powerfuk weaponry as well as a Bofors 40mm cannon on the deck. this is where most of the rp takes place the ship has seven mercs on it but there can be a whole company of mercs the only permamnet members is the captain, 1st and 2nd mates, the rest can be take rest and replaced with another member later on for future rps past this adventure

Mercs                                                    Scholars      

Captain: Hans Pitz                          Professor:

1st Mate:                                        Student 1:

2nd Mate:                                        Student 2:

Doctor: Sonja Petronov              Student 3:

Merc 1:

Merc 2:

Merc 3:

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    1st mate and 2nd mate requirements

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