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Family's Household

A rather big house consider being a mansion at this point and holding a lot of room with many people as the family is still growing. This structure holds up to 4 floors with each floor having unique rooms stretching far and wide for the many sibling entertainments for fun or desires. Family can request a room so I can add such room to the list and expand it to anyone desires or fun. 

This mansion has:

1st Floor

Living Room


(3) Bathrooms

Large Dining Room

Main Entrance and Back entrance

Outside Pool

Front Porch

2nd Floor

Art Room

Music Room

Dancing Room


Combat Room/Training Room

Inside Pool (Connect to Gym via slide)

Private Room


(6) Bathrooms

3rd Floor


Movie theater 

Gym (Connected to the Pool via slide)


Night Club

(7) Bathrooms

4th Floor

This entire floor is designed to hold one large bed for the entire family and space to prepare the big family for a good night rest. 

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