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General interests (physical and digital) & causal chat

This is a forum that encompasses overall terms in regards to various forms of hobbies and interest, such as "games", "movies and shows", "tabletop roleplaying" and so on.

Therefore, no other topics are to be made here, except those put in by the owner. So if you wish to have a conversation just about a specific game, movie or other stuff, this will go into the other tabs made for this purpose. Any topics put up here, will be removed.

It is also here there will be a general chat topic if you wish to just chat and hang out as well. This is a place made for just having a fun and casual time, after all.

If you have suggestions, feel free to submit those to the owner privately or in the "Suggestions" topic.

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  1. JennyDK

    Tabletop roleplaying

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    Movies and shows

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    General chat

  4. JennyDK

    Card- and board games

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    Video games 1 2

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  7. JennyDK

    Club announcements

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