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Reward for a good boy


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You are a dominant woman who loves to play with strong, confident and rude boy. Turning them from man to an obedient and humiliated dog. You were out in the bar to catch another one of these boy. But this night it was different, it was a very polite and cool boy who came to you. You could see ai was still a beginner but I was at least doing my best to get you. To the point that you found me cute. For the first time you took some pleasure to talk with a man as the bar was closing you decided to give it go. What was obvious is that I didn't expected it. But you thought it would be a change to dominate a cute and shy boy like me. This time it wasn't about punishment but about pleasure and fun. You wanted to reward me and maybe keeping as a pet for a longer period. When we arrived at your house you decided to start my training as your new pet

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