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This is mostly for myself, putting more detail than what is in profiles, noting it in a convenient place to make sure I don't forget anything while writing.  Putting it here both to make it easier to access on multiple devices and that others might find it interesting to read.  If you want to do the same with your character(s), feel free, but it is completely optional.  It will be a mix of stuff already mentioned in the stories so far and stuff that has not been mentioned and may or may not have been implied.  My plan is to update it as things develop or I think of new things to add.



She never had sex as a boy.  Maggie is the first 'pure' girl she has slept with.  She has slept with Aileen a few times and will likely continue to do so, and has had some male clients a mix of one timers and more frequent visitors.

Her long term goal is to be a 'real girl', she is already there biologically but has to work on it psychologically/sexually.  Sexually, this includes enjoying and desiring sex with men.  At this point she enjoys sex with men, has no hesitation about doing it.  But she believes she does not enjoy it to the extent other girls, both her coworkers and girls in general, do.  She is not attracted to them but she isn't repulsed either.  So far Aileen is the only time she actually craves cock and does enjoy it more than when with men (and only Aileen has brought her to orgasm so far).  This is part of why they keep doing it.

She is part way there when it comes to the psychological/emotional adjustment to being a whore.  She enjoys the sex while it happens, but sometimes feels dirty about it and especially selling herself afterwards.

She has one or two regular male customers so far, someone else could play them if they want, so I don't have much in mind except they are attracted mostly to some combination of her age and/or gender bent status.

She is not currently planning on having children, for at least a few years (she does want them in the long term), but would at least consider someone who wanted to pay her for one or more breeding attempts.



While she has not slept with everyone, she has slept with at least most of the girls who would be open to a futa.  She does it just for fun (helping Ashley 'become a girl' is just a convenient excuse).

She does not like men and mostly likes pure women but will sometimes take a fellow futa, especially if she wants to be the one getting the cock for a change.



He is getting a rather unconventional education in sex.  In the long run he will prove to have very few limits, especially with a girl similarly lacking in limits.  He knows he has to 'share' these girls with their other customers but still could develop something beyond pure sexual desire for one or more of them.  I do not have specific plans, it will depend on how things develop and how he interacts with girls, but I am open to him 'bonding' and possibly even falling in love with Catina/Maggie/Someone else.  His views of what it means to get closer to a woman may be distorted by his experiences of course.  Perhaps he thinks a woman shows proper affection through sex (and how far they are willing to go to show it).  He may develop a sense that girls should submit or at least on the submissive side, though he would never hurt them (outside of paid for and agreed to sadomasochism, or spanking/more mild things, which he will try and might or might not develop a taste for).

Eventually he will seek to breed, having no real desire to raise a child though, but still feeling like he should have children after so much sex.  He will look for one or more girls who would let him pay for the attempts and try until he succeeds at least once, if not more.

He does have the money to be a rather frequent visitor and go through a wide variety of fetishes with Catina/others.  I am still considering what that source of money is though, except he does not spend a lot except at the whorehouse..

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