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Kinktober Day 25 - Shower Sex


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Kate slid the glass door closed behind her after she stepped into the steamy cubicle behind Derek. He grinned as he looked at her, naked, getting drenched in the near scalding spray of water. She moved close to him, looked up into his eyes, water plastering her hair to her face and getting in his eyes as it ran down through his short-cropped hair. She pushed up onto her tippy toes and kissed him, then felt his hands upon her bare flesh.

Her heart skipped a beat at the way his fingertips slid over her soaking skin. Her fingers wrapped around his length as their bodies pressed together, and she stroked him gently. He wasn't as gentle. His hands gripped her body, his need apparent in his movement, the hardness that grew in her grip. She looked into his eyes and saw the longing, the weakness, the compulsion that drove him. 

He spun her around, pressing her face first against the glass door. She braced herself with palms against the slick glass, her breasts pressed to the opaque surface as he used one knee to spread her legs. He was inside her without foreplay, without warning. The friction was painful at first, easing as they moved together, his thrusts insistent and desperate. She was barely getting there when he spent himself inside her, and he stopped immediately, leaving her unfulfilled.

When he pulled out, he soaped up, washed quickly, and stepped out of the shower. Kate remained against the glass the whole time. A shiver ran through her body when he stepped out and the cool air hit her skin, but then the door closed and she was warm again, at least on the outside.

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