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Character Identity Information

Name: Glob (his full name is Globoblobaliciousness, but everyone just calls him Glob)
Age: 20
Gender: male
Species: Cyclopean Tentacular Monster
Origin/Nationality: Tentaculus V
Occupation: tentacle monster of leisure

Physical Appearance

Height: 7' 12" when he stretches to his full height
Weight: 650 lbs
Eye Color: a single, yellow eye
Hair Color: Cyclopean Tentacular Monsters have no hair
Number of Tentacles: 16
Physical Description: Glob is a maroon-ish hued cyclopean tentacular monster. His body is basically a large lump with a single eye, large mouth, and twelve writhing tentacles that all end in penis- shaped nodules. 

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: Glob is ruled by his races' overwhelming need to put their tentacles in the reproductive organs of other species. Otherwise, he is young and curious, eager to explore, and full of monstrous amounts of slime he's ready to ejaculate into willing or unwilling partners.
Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Glob is an accomplished pilot and knows his way around a human female body. 
Weaknesses: Glob is highly allergic to salt.
Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Glob just wants to find a partner who will hold his tentacles in her body and keep him warm on the cold, cold nights of Tetaculus V.
Hobbies and Interests: Glob's most prevalent hobby is putting his tentacles into other species reproductive organs, as most of his species is prone to do. He also loves collecting action figures, playing video games, and has a keen mind for sudoku puzzles.
Sexual Orientation: Glob is pansexual, but prefers human women. Still, he will gladly insert his tentacles into any warm body.
Turn ons: Glob loves the sounds a human woman makes when she is aroused.

Extra Information

Bio/Backstory: Glob tentacle raped his way across the galaxy, fucking hundreds of various aliens before he got to Earth. Once here, he discovered how much better his tentacles felt inside human women than most other aliens. Then he met Leigh, who loved his tentacles more than anything else, and both their lives changed. He brought her home to meet his family, and soon all of his friends wanted a human mate of their own. Glob and Leigh returned to Earth with many of his friends to help lonely tentacle monsters meet human women and find living relationships of their own. 

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