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sub female monster looking for a futa


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submissive female looking to be filled up with semmen or even a gangbang.

I'm alright with something like public sex,breeding and etc.


But welp,I have some ideas for a erp,one of then is about a female that will be becoming a monster girl and someone gets interested in her and decides to follow her out,this person cannot resist the temptation in front of then anymore by seeing this female body becoming volumptous like that,and want to feel that pussy and fill it up with warm cream!~

to breed her up and inpregnate her womb~

I'm on a frog girl but if you dont like it this can be with a bee girl.

this takes place in a modern world where futa's and monsters shouldn't exist,but at this time the people will get extremely horny and some like my oc Jessica herself will become a monster and you a cock girl.


long term roleplay is something that i prefer to roleplay,I'm more into if your able to do things like roleplay more then one character,I just roleplay with ocs and no canon characters if we want to do things like create scenario and stuff like this.

I'm ok with boy x boy,boy x girl,or girl x girl(only if one of then is a futa)


as long as you write 5 phone lines I'm completely fine with that,you don't need to have a perferct english but don't even use those chat abbreviations like for exemple.

"ppl"  "ig" "wdym"

and stuff like that,just please no,and not the character always smiling.

it's just cringy to me.

♡: the ones that I love more

○: I'm ok with it

now let's trutly go on for my kinks:

♡mating press



♡womb penetration


○tentacle sex

○egg laying


♡public sex

○no con

♡male to futa (transformation)

♡female to futa(transformation)

♡human to monster girl

♡monster x human


○public sex

♡subway sex

○stomach rubbing 


not ok with:


mind break

×mind control

×pain stuff

○cum control

×anal sex

×mind break

×pet play



×hyper cock (boobs/ass)



×incest of any kind




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