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List of Employee Types in the Whorehouse


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I decided to consolidate information that has come up within various topics and add a little information on the people at the top not previously covered.  This should cover all the types of employees or living there, who can have such a position and for the other types, to what degree they are allowed to interact with the whores.


Management/owners:  My thought is there is one female manager on premises, though she is pretty hands off.  Her main roles are to make sure there are enough whores employed, chosing which girls to hire, fire anyone not working, and to deal with building maintenance/work/repairs.  She does not do sex work, but might sleep with one or more of the girls.  Above her are the actual owners, two or three men that don't actually live there but collect money and occasionally visit to 'sample the goods'.  They don't have to pay like customers or security do, but they usually tip generously.  I will likely make profiles for these later.

Whores - Mostly women, a few futas, no men.  They also take care of some of the 'chores' around the place, including cleaning it.  The vast majority of the staff.  Mostly in the 18-low 20s age range but with some older and younger.

Children of whores:  Sons are treated as more or less ordinary children, living there and eventually expected to find outside work once old enough.  Daughters, girl or futa, are very heavily pressured to become whores themselves, though the exact circumstances of how and when they start varies on an individual basis.

Security - The only men who live/work in the building.  They do no sex work.  They get a few 'employee benefits' regarding the whores.  A few times a year, both holidays and two or three other days of their choosing they can have a free all night session with one of the girls of their choice.  Other times they have to visit the girls as customers, though they do get a discount compared to other customers.  Obviously they have to plan out the schedule between them, avoiding having more than one with a girl at the same time.

Receptionist (also includes some general office work) - Currently a futa but the position could be held by a woman too.  One of two women/futas that are not required to do sex work, though the current one does it as a side job.  She is allowed to sleep with the whores for free, though as a futa, not all of them are interested in doing so.

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