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Female doctor


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I have this featuristic idea for a role play.
Set in future, when works is controlled a d ruled by woman.
Man has only 2 purpose in this world - reproduction and pleasure for women.
All men are owner by woman, fulfilling those 2 functions.
There is a special cast of female doctors/executrix.
Man are sent to them for 2 reason: pervertness check - female doctor will examine man, and if his too responsive to seduction, female doctor has the right of taking to special treatment house where man will be to forced sex treatment, hoping to fix his perverted behavior.
If patient not treatable, he will be executed by doctor in 1 of falling ways
1) forced injection and fucking to heart attack
2) pussy or breast smother
3) strangulation during sex

Woman also send their to ng slaves to be examine for their sex skills, if examination shows luck of skill, doctor decides on treatment or immediate execution.

In this game, obviously you would be playing the female doctor.
What do you think?


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