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Marie Bellerose


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Name: Marie Bellerose

Gender: female

Sexualitt: bisexual

Profession:Heavy weapons

Weapons:modified hotchkiss 1914, shotgun

Bio:Raised in Carentan Marie lived an inquisitive life. She was curious over everything and found great joys figuring out puzzles and finding clues. this Passion led her to become a private investigator moving over to the United States. She wasn't as renown as others in the agency but she manages. many don't think she is as capable as the others usually given nearly impossible "closed" cases. however this was not enough, when her Room mate Sonja Petronov to be a medic for a group of mercs working for BLU. cutting her hair, as a soldier must look proper, or that was what her grandfather said before being lynched by the local townsfolk for his involvement in ww2, modifying an old French HMG which was later called the woodpecker for some odd reason as the gun that shares that nickname was Japanese not French nor American. now stuck with controlling her Roommates urges to experiment at times and fighting a rather ridicoulous war often having to change sides from time to time, she doesnt mind gives her oppurtunities to watch Sonja from a distance...uh i mean keep intel on team comp thats it.


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