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Ultra FUN! Ultra Street Fighter IV Talk and review

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So, let's talk about Ultra street fighter IV. While it's slow to learn, the game can be one of the funnest experiences around. The game itself is not worth playing without a console controller, as keyboard controls are impossible to really "get down with." My reviews will be compartmentalized based on a few things, just so you know. They will be: Graphics, gameplay, story, audio, extras, and the overall experience.


Graphics: The game makes fantastic use of cell-shading, making somber characters look grim and goofy characters look fun. It really does make the whole cast of characters look good in their own rights. Not only so, but the stages can do the same, making dark places dark and pleasant places pleasant. Still, they manage to go into impeccable detail, showing muscles, joints, and other minor aspects of characters in ways that truly make you admire them and the designer. And the game is very well optimized too!


Gameplay: Classic Street Fighter. The game does the usual down right punch stuff, but with a twist. The game takes advantage of stick movement by forcing you to roll through diagonals to get to the special. Combos are based on timing and chaining, and the movement scheme itself feels lifelike. Each character has their own different vibe, and nobody will ever have the same experience between characters. That's the true majesty of the game is how different everything gets. Also, supers and ultras feel amazingly satisfying to pull off. It truly is the cutting edge of fighting games.


Story: The game's story varies between characters. The arcade mode makes it so whomever the player chooses is whose story is followed. While predictable, it all comes together in a grand scheme later.


Audio: I could tell you about the hit sounds, but that's just average. The usual sausage slapping, muscle mashing brutal sounds that make fighters fighters. However, the voices can be switched from English to Japanese on a character to character basis (after beating arcade on normal) really bringing together a semblance of multiculturalism. And the music is phenomenal. Character themes truly capture their essence, and the music is some pretty driving EDM. It doesn't even matter if you don't like that kind of stuff, the music will get you jammin' either way!


Extras: The game has a diverse online play with ranked, team, and normal battles. A little lacking beyond that, but the game has enough substance in the core that icing will just ruin the cake.


Overall: Can get boring overtime, but playing with friends or jumping from char to char, once you get good, the game is hella ballin'. The game is ULTRA worth the $40 it costs. Between the fights, the diversity and the soundtrack, I'd recommend this to anyone willing to put in the hours.

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Love Street Fighter 4.If I already have a copy of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition can I upgrade it to Ultra?

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