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Earth, Fire, Air, Water!

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Okay so I've been really into this game lately, and from the title I'm pretty sure you already know which game I'm talking about. It's of course about the four elements, and mainly about 4 separate nations, it had a kick ass animated series filled with action. The series was about a boy who was the last of his kind, gifted with powers thought to have been lost for centuries. He of course gathers his ragtag group of friends and travels the world with them in an amazing adventure to stop a power hungry maniac from taking over the world, and also further explore the depths of his powers. There's also plenty of romance and comedy, complete with the jokester of the group falling for a beautiful warrior woman.


Alright enough rehashing, you all know what I'm talking about...


WAKFU!!!! xD


Yeah it kinda draws a TON of similarities to Avatar in the series, but the series was still amazing. Though this is the video games section so I' not gonna get into the series, instead I wanted to discuss the MMO that came to Steam a while ago. It's free to play, which normally for me would be a deal breaker, but I feel like this one handles F2P in a much more dignified sense. It doesn't just shove every piece of content in the shop and go 'PAY US BITCHES!' like so many other MMOs. It's a lot of fun, the first turn based strategy MMO I've seen, and hands down has the most unique classes I've ever seen. You wanna be a summoner? That's cool, go out and CATCH your summons bitch! xD


Now I've been playing this since before it came to Steam, though I've taken breaks from it and am currently playing for free so my highest level character is only 87 out of a possible 200 levels, but now I'm getting sucked back in and was wondering if there were any other players in the forums that would like to chat about the game. ^_^ Feel free to discuss favorite classes, builds, or anything related to your guild or nation. As well as anything else I might've missed mentioning.


I had a hard time choosing classes, but my current main in an earth Osamoda, he's great for fighting and supporting!

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