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FF14:HW Spoilers!!

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So I just finished the story for ff14: heavensward and my god, was it an awesome journey.

the whole traveling though Dravania to parley with the Dragons reminded me of the epic adventures I had in previous games. I've never played an MMO before ff14 and was surprised by how story rich the new universe was. Fighting all my old favourite summons as bosses was brilliant, especially the final fight in the HW story. 

(Warning Spoilerific)

So the Archbishop absorbs the old Kings soul and becomes a primal, and in that moment, when he is flanked by his 12 Knights, I realised who I was about to fight. 

The fucking 13 knights of the round. The ultimate summon from ff7, complete with all there attacks from the cutscene, in order, screen shattering and all. It was quite simply the best boss battle in the game so far. 

I tip my hat to you square enix, now take all my money so I can keep playing ff14:fanservice . 

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I never understood: I need to have Ff14 in order to buy HW expansion?

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Yeah, you need to buy ARR (A Realm Reborn) in order to play Heavensward. Currently, you need to complete the Main Story Quests in 2.x to venture the zones of Ishgard. However, SE is planning for people to play 4.x straightaway without the need of completing the 3.x Main Story Quests. There should be bundle packs where you can get ARR and HW.

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