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What are the Terms of Service?

The Terms of Service is an important document that is written as legally as possible. Which you can view here: https://ecchidreams.com/terms. The Terms of Service on EcchiDreams is actively enforced, and applies to all dreamers, regardless of status (Normal Dreamers, Premium Dreamers, Staff and even Community Administrators).


A Terms of Service doesn't have to have any particular terms; it can lay out rules, it can create obligations on behalf of the website, it can create obligations on behalf of the user to that website, or it can be simply a disclaimer that disclaims any kind of warranty or any kind of relationship at all between the website itself, and the users of that website to try and get rid of liability as between the users and the website itself.

-- Quote from: Devin James Stone, Esq (Lawyer for Stone Law DC, USA)

The Terms of Service is a contract that everyone signs when they register to EcchiDreams and it is bound universally on all Dreamers including members of staff. The contract governs the relationship between the site and it's users. Whether you read the Terms of Service, or not, the Terms of Service still governs the relationship between the user and this website.

A Terms of Service do a couple of things;

  • They set out the rules by which the users must abide by, if the user wishes to use the service.
  • They also provide the obligations that the website is going to give to the user in return for being a user of this website. 
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