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General FAQs

How old do I have to be to register to EcchiDreams?

As a legal requirement: You have to be 18 or older. If you're 18 in a few days or in a few minutes, then please wait until you are actually 18. This is a strict legal requirement as stated under Section 8 Sub-Section 1 of the Terms of Service.

Due to a slight change in the rules, if you later reveal that you were under 18 at the time of registering and were under 18 on the 1st January 2020 you will be banned for presenting fraudulent information under the same sub-section.

Can I donate money to EcchiDreams?

No, we neither want nor require your money to run EcchiDreams at this time. We do not accept donations or money given; and Premium Membership is bought with EcchiCredits, which is a contribution based currency, which can not be bought for with real money.

If you see a crowdfunding site, or anything like that, that is made to look like an official EcchiDreams money raising page - please report it to us immediately and do not donate to it because I can assure you that the money is not reaching us, nor did we set it up, and that the page creators are potentially scamming our members out of their hard earned money.

When reporting it please include the URL of the page that is advertising it.

Can I have multiple accounts here on EcchiDreams?

Absolutely not. This is actually against Section 9 of the Terms of Service.

Some sites allow you to create multiple characters through different accounts, conversely, other sites allow you to have multiple characters under one account only. EcchiDreams is the latter of the two. You have no limits as to how many characters you have. But you can only have one account. We're pretty strict about this.

How do I report a post?

Along the bar at the top of the post in question, in the far right hand side you will see three dots next to a box. Just click/tap on that and it will open up a small menu where you will find "Report Post". When you click on it click the reason you want to report the post and if it's other please explain which Terms of Service Section you think that they're violating. 

What are the Terms of Service?

The Terms of Service is an important document that is written as legally as possible. Which you can view here: https://ecchidreams.com/terms. The Terms of Service on EcchiDreams is actively enforced, and applies to all dreamers, regardless of status (Normal Dreamers, Premium Dreamers, Staff and even Community Administrators).


A Terms of Service doesn't have to have any particular terms; it can lay out rules, it can create obligations on behalf of the website, it can create obligations on behalf of the user to that website, or it can be simply a disclaimer that disclaims any kind of warranty or any kind of relationship at all between the website itself, and the users of that website to try and get rid of liability as between the users and the website itself.

-- Quote from: Devin James Stone, Esq (Lawyer for Stone Law DC, USA)

The Terms of Service is a contract that everyone signs when they register to EcchiDreams and it is bound universally on all Dreamers including members of staff. The contract governs the relationship between the site and it's users. Whether you read the Terms of Service, or not, the Terms of Service still governs the relationship between the user and this website.

A Terms of Service do a couple of things;

  • They set out the rules by which the users must abide by, if the user wishes to use the service.
  • They also provide the obligations that the website is going to give to the user in return for being a user of this website. 

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