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Raelynn Young

Name: Raelynn Young

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Kinks/Fetishes: Romance, tenderness, kissing, giving and recieving oral.

Personality and Interests: Raelynn is quite friendly, always willing to meet new people. She's quite kind, and generous, always willing to help other people and willing to share her resources with others should they really need it although it can be quite easy for someone to take advantage of her. She's quite a hard worker, and will always put all of her energies into her task. She is a little vain, as she likes to take care of her appearance, and takes great pains to ensure that she looks presentable.

Appearance: Raelynn is quite slim, with an hourglass figure, with a slender waist and long legs. She is slightly toned, indicating that she does work out to keep herself fit and healthy but is careful enough not to allow herself to become too muscly. She has platinum blonde hair, that is long and slightly wavey and often well taken care of. She has light blue eyes, and pretty facial features. She is on the small side, standing at 5ft.

Bio: Raelynn doesn't remember too much regarding her life before the backroom. She has flashes, of a kind mother and father, and flashes of what seemed to be lavish holidays. She has other, random and often unconnected memories that she assumes are her memories.

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