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    Ah Thank you. Sorry I tend to get that one confused a lot. I just always say "Better safe than sorry and I'd hate to see someones account get banned. Again sorry for getting it wrong. Now, I need to go to bed. Insomnia sucks.
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    Again.. arigato all of you.
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    Alright! EcchiText me and we'll discuss.
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    I'm down for rping this with ya
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    I'm here to give you a bump and to say #Fujicakes
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    nah sorry I think I'll pass but thank you. have a nice day but hey at least we bumped it
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    Fixed your image issue for you.
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    Hello! For the wizard/succubus rp, are you looking to be the wizard, the succubus, or either?
  12. 1 point
    i can do an older sister shota brother rp
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    Said it before, I'll say it again: some fun sounding interests.
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    Sounds like it could be fun! Especially for mishaps! 8D Have you considered for it to just be a resort for monster people in general? I ask because I feel that it might open the door a little if you allowed for naga, neko, inu, kitsune, etc~
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    The original idea, yes I had a female protagonist in mind for this! But it's open to manipulation
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    Reverse harem would mean this has a female protag, right?
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    Ahh, got it. P: And I'll just be playing as her default colours. I'll send you an EcchiText so we can discuss the RP further.
  18. 1 point
    Sounds good! Maybe we can work something out!
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    I would be interested in Fantasy Gone Wrong, I'll go ahead and send over an Ecchitext sometime today or tomorrow. Hope you're still interested!
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    Send me an ecchitext and we can discuss some things of ya wish
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    Puzzles? Fighting? Romance? My interest holds. Especially with romance. I came onto this site partly to get in more romance rping. Right now, I'm still reading (okay, I admit I'm just skimming) that intro guide that Neptune linked me, but... once I'm done with that, I can start working on a character. Right now, the concept I have is an energetic dancer/singer, who says that she's sticking around with the hero because it looks like it'll be an amazing story to share.
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    Eh... I can see the date and that this has been posted over a month ago but... um... If you're still looking, I'm interested? I don't know what I'll play or how I'll contribute to this, but yeah. Definitely interested just on the basis of being a Zelda fan.
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    Sounds like it could be fun..? what i actually would love to see is a multi person RP
  24. 1 point
    You'll quickly learn that I tease everybody... xD
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  26. 1 point
    I know this is totally unrelated to the topic, but...your title sounds like Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Are you planning to go back in time and team up with a baby version of yourself to stop aliens from conquering the world in the past?
  27. 1 point
    "What about the Cheshire Cat monster girl?"
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    That seems fair. Bit too domesticated to prove a threat. Some of my faves tend to be Minotaurs. I have a Minotaur character, though she's a bit too friendly. Maybe a more aggressive/assertive one? I also have a demon, Lucy, who feeds on lust to grow, so she'd have a real incentive to get a hold of the hero.
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    Hahahahaha~! This sounds like an awesome idea. xD
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    It sounds interesting, If you'd take me I'd be willing to try :)
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  32. 1 point
    Im interested in your ideas ;)
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    "I might like to try Yurei, if that's alright ^_^"
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    I hope SYOC doesn't mean what i think it means........
  36. 1 point
    This look like an SYOC story. =3
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    "This actually interests me greatly ^_^ I think that I might have the perfect character for it ^_^"
  39. 1 point
    I can rp with chu if thats okay with you
  40. 1 point
    So, Vergil, do you like any of the other DDLC girls?
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    @ShuyaHideaki Thanks and sorry @Angela Daring but I will delete this topic since it will only bring pain to you and this is my decision.
  42. 1 point
    ...sorry, I have some very strong opinions about that game. I do like some of the characters, though.
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    That's fine sis. =3 Why is that? I was not going to RP as him thought...
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    Greetings and welcome to the site. I hope good roleplays will find you well, speaking of which. Want to be friends?
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    Lol Yes, like My mind is going completely blank as all it contains now is the intense sensation of your cock pulsating throughout my whole body and making it your own. My unintelligible moans are all that I can do to communicate as I cling to the sink with everything I have as to not fall. They only get louder the rougher you become. "I l-love my brother's cock! This slutty pussy belongs to you and you only! I want your semen to make me your pregnant toy! Please give it to me!" Then you would respond to me and i would respond to you and we play ourselves or characters we want to be instead! this is just an old post from some other rp~
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    I n t e r e s t e d. I have my preferences posted, as for long term I'm sure I can work with that. Although, I have to ask what's your preferred post length? I can do multiple paragraphs or just a short 3-4 sentence one, but one-liners are a no-go for me.
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    I'd love to fuck your tight wet pussy
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    If you're looking for roleplays I wouldn't roleplaying with you either.
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