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    Hello fellow Dreamers, This update has come a little later than we initially planned. Originally it was scheduled for Christmas as the End of Year Update for 2018, but we had various things not go our way, and we had to push it back with the Winter Updates Release. Whilst it is a meteorological spring time here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is still astronomical winter until March 20th. There are quite a few things to cover in this update, so without further delay I will get right to it. This announcement will cover: Sunstone's Resignation An open letter to Sunstone Terms of Services Changes Section 1 Section 10 Section 14 Section 17 Section 18 Section 21 Section 22 Forum Software Update Dark EcchiTheme Emoji Changes Clear Indications of Bans and Account Deactivation Account Deactivation and Deletion Changes Homepage Changes FAQ Section Changes to Premium Membership Hovercards! Official Discord Server Updates EcchiLotto Draw Semi Technical: Bug Fixes Known Bugs that Still Exist Sunstone's Resignation It is with heavy heart I must announce that Sunstone has asked to step down from his role as a staff member here on EcchiDreams, after being with us for eight to nine months, which we have reluctantly but respectfully accepted. His resignation may or may not be permanent (as he is more than welcome to come back at any time), but for personal reasons he has decided to step down at least for now; after listening to his concerns, I can't say I blame him. However, I would like to include an open letter to Sunstone here in this announcement, to show that all of the staff stand by his decision, and are indeed saddened to see him leave. I want to make it clear that Sunstone was not fired, and there is no hostility regarding this departure. I am told that he will remain in the community as a Gold Premium Member, but not as staff for the time being. An Open Letter to Sunstone Terms of Service Changes Since November there have been a lot of changes to the Terms of Service that I'd like to cover. Technically under the Terms of Service, I don't have to do this, but I will in the interests of transparency and openness. We recently overhauled it and changed the formatting, so that you can see the sections and paragraphs in a Table of Contents and select which part you want to read, which it will scroll down to for you and take you to the relevant part. I will try to keep this part brief but I will also try to outline what changes we've made exactly. Section 1 Section 1 is the Acceptance of the Terms of Service. It is the most important of the Terms of Service, as it states what is outlined in the ToS and sets the tone of the rest of the document, as well as your obligation to accept it if you want to use EcchiDreams, and our obligations to you, contained within those terms. We changed a little of section 1 to keep in pace with updates and modifications made to the site since 2016. The biggest addition to the Terms of Service under Section 1 is paragraph 1, something that we've been advised to add in for legal reasons, which is a legal disclaimer. It basically covers our asses if something goes wrong, but it also warns the user that whilst our site contains links to websites run and operated by third parties: They are not endorsements or recommendations. We have no control over them, nor do we accept responsibility over them. You visit external links from this site at your own risk. We reserve the right to remove, edit or delete links at any time for any reason. We also make it clear that you can view our privacy policy, and provided a link to it. Section 10 Section 10 is our Harassment clause, and it's not one of the Terms of Service that I like to edit, because of how the word 'Harassment' is being used and abused nowadays. The bar of what some people consider 'Harassment' is so low, you can't even say "Hello" to someone. Well, not here. We always have, and always will - whilst it remains reasonable - follow the legal definition of harassment as defined under the law. That is one of the only sections in the Terms of Service to be clearly defined, and given a bar of acceptable evidence, and it is for good reason. We recently had to modify this, to change: To: Because apparently when a staff member contacts you because you have broken a rule, that constitutes as harassment... Yes, someone did literally accuse one of the staff members of harassment when they contacted them about a very, very minor rule that they were breaking. If a staff member is contacting you in the act of their duty, you cannot pretend like you can get away with it by screaming harassment. That is not how this works; it doesn't work on the Police in real life, and it sure as hell won't fly here. We also added two sections: Harassment against Reporters Multiple False Reports about specific Dreamers This is because a couple of dreamers last year saw it fit to mercilessly harass someone who they had thought had reported their content and "Got them into trouble.", when it was actually in fact a staff member that picked up on it independently. You cannot go around harassing people who have, or you think may have, reported your content. That will now get you in even more trouble than you were in to begin with. We will also not allow false reports (Persecution) against specific Dreamers. We have had a number of incidents where Person A has been slighted/offended in some way by Person B, and then Person A starts a campaign of reporting all of Person B's posts/content. On other sites, this is called "False Flagging", and it will not be viewed in a good light here; in fact we deem it as a possible form of harassment. As I said. I didn't want to strengthen this any more than it already was, but there we go. Disagreement is perfectly natural, we're not bound to get along with each other all the time. That is why you can ignore specific dreamers, and tell them not to contact you. If they keep contacting you when you've asked them to stop repeatedly - then it becomes harassment. But at the same time you can't goad them into it by provocation either. Just block and move on. Section 14 Section 14 is our Advertising and Spam rule, and says what kind of links to other sites (external to EcchiDreams) can and cannot be posted on this site. It has recently been updated, as this hadn't been since 2012. Therefore, it's been completely reworked and reworded, and includes a new section that specifically addresses "Disallowed Links". This was a hard one to rewrite for several technical reasons, but eventually all of the staff agreed to the new incarnation of it. That's all there is to it, really. Section 17 Section 17 is our Roleplay Section. @Neptune had repeatedly warned me about this being grossly out of date, and I kept putting it off because the Roleplay section was going through periods of rapid overhauling and changing. The original piece was put in during the Big Update of 2015, and ever since it's been left well alone. However, at the end of 2018, it became quite apparent that this section was meaningless, because none of it applied anymore. It has now been completely re-written to reflect reality, and it's well worth reading. Recently we've had to make an additional change to Section 2 as it contained erroneous information in that you can only have one Private Roleplay Bulletin topic, which is not the case. As long as you don't spam it relentlessly, you're fine. Section 18 Section 18 is one of our most broken rules, and perhaps the most hated by the community It is, of course, our Gallery and Media Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams section. We have completely refreshed it, and made it explicitly clear on what we will and not allow on this site when it comes to images, animated GIFs, videos, and other media content. It is not something we like to enforce, but it's something that we do have to. The most broken rule in this section is, of course, depictions of a cartoon/drawn/sketch/pseudo photograph of a minor (under 18) in nude or sexual situations. As I have discussed many time before: this counts as child pornography by law. Unfortunately this covers people who look over 18, but aren't (Such as Nekopara, for example). As a result we've had to make a flowchart, which I believe is helping people already, as we've had less violations on this since it became available. Here is that flowchart if you want a copy of it: To be clear: You can post cartoon images of minors, but they must not be sexual or nude in anyway. You can't post real pictures of minors under any circumstances, however. We highly recommend reading Section 18 to re-familiarise yourself with it. Section 21 Section 21 is our Account Termination clause, and due to a recent update in how our Account Termination and Deletion works, and the fact that it is mostly automatic now, we've had to change our Terms of Service to reflect this; this is a complete re-write. I will be going into more detail with this later in the announcement, but suffice it to say, this has been changed and updated to reflect the new options for all Dreamers. I have made it clear in the Terms of Service that during the deactivation procedure, if you delete your account, you must wait at least 14 days before opening a new account; if you deactivate your account, you are still not allowed to open a new account under Section 9 of the Terms of Service. Section 22 Section 22 is our Violations of the Terms of Service clause. It has been overhauled to include a new paragraph "Infraction Appeals", which gives you recourse if you genuinely think that a staff member made a mistake in issuing a warning or infraction; it is one of your rights, and our obligations. If you think that we've made a mistake, and you believe that there is an error with the ruling that you can point to the Terms of Service and contest with, you are allowed to state your case with an infraction appeal. However be warned: this does not apply to Section 8 violations, for which there needs to be extreme evidence before carrying out, because there is no chance of appeal. Also: ignorance of the Terms of Service is not a valid excuse, as its effect on your relationship with us is not contingent on whether or not you've read them. Forum Software Update I am pleased to announce that our major update from IPS 4.3.6 to IPS 4.4.1 was a major success, overall. This brought about a few small changes to the software that runs on this site and fixed a whole load of bugs (along with introducing new ones, naturally). To go through the entire change log would be insane; instead I'll just go over a few key highlights: Major Performance Improvements Improved Application Security across the board Tags will now start showing suggested tags as you type them when tagging posts. I think it selects from tags that have previously been used in the community. Fixed a whole slew of bugs and quirks. For a full list, see IPS's announcement for 4.4.0 and 4.4.1; just bear in mind that not all of these apply to EcchiDreams, such as the GIF in posts feature, or the post before registering feature. With this update came an update to all the third-party modifications that were used to customise EcchiDreams, all of which have their own bug fixes and feature additions. Dark EcchiTheme Last month, I put up a poll in the EcchiMeta club for people to vote on. Every now and then, I get a request for a dark theme for EcchiDreams and I've always turned it down because of costs (that would be incurred every six months), and development times (that would be incurred every time I make major updates), and there wasn't enough demand to warrant it. However after putting up the poll, 40-50% of our daily users voted on it almost immediately, and the resounding answer was: Yes! You do want a dark EcchiTheme. I am pleased to announce that this is complete and currently working. I am using the Dark Theme myself to try and spot bugs and/or flaws in it, and so far it appears to be working correctly; it is available for all registered Dreamers. To change the theme: just go to the bottom of the page and press "Theme", then select "Dark EcchiTheme" Guests and non-logged in users will not see this, and the Default EcchiTheme will be enabled by default, as indicated by the name. Emoji Changes Due to licensing reasons, we no longer use "Emoji One" Emoji's on EcchiDreams. Instead, we now use the free 'Twitter' style Emoji's. It is unknown if any of the old emoji's before the update will change, but from now on, the use of Emoji's on EcchiDreams will be Twitter's style, which is a small and very minor change. Clear Indication of Banning and Account Deactivation We have changed the way in which banned accounts and deactivated accounts are displayed due to some confusion in the community, and the fact that up until this point it has been majorly unclear. I will point out that accounts that are suspended (temporarily banned) still have nothing that indicates their suspension. For banned users; the name will become red, and a small red button will appear next to their username that reads 'Banned'. On their profile, there will be a small field that contains "Ban Reason" once their ban has been completely processed, which displays the reason that they were banned. You may have noticed this already. Deactivated users will also have the same thing. Their username; is normal coloured, but they will have a small orange button next to their username that reads 'Deactivated'. You might not be able to view their profile, send them EcchiTexts or anything of the sort, however. We were thinking on including a small button for those that are inactive for more than 6 months, but at this time we have not finalised anything. An example of a Banned Dreamer: An example of a Deactivated Dreamer: These buttons will also appear next to their names when viewed anywhere else on the forums, in the same way that all staff have purple names. Account Deactivation and Deletion Changes We have made it easier for you to delete or deactivate your account. As I briefly outlined in the Section 21 Terms of Service updates, previously the only way you could deactivate or delete your account was via contacting us on the contact us form, or by sending a staff member an EcchiText. We've now put in the ability for you to do it completely for yourself. If you want to deactivate your account (previously called Terminate) then you can, and you can re-activate it at anytime by logging in. Deleting your account is only possible when you have never posted anything, and you're still in the "Virgin Dreamers" group; after that it will not be possible to delete your account, only deactivate it. It is relatively simple, yet it will require you to pass a security check just to see if it is you requesting this. Homepage Changes I've made a number of small edits to the homepage, such as swapping the recent topics piece with the community wall to fix a long outstanding bug where text would appear weirdly under certain common screen resolutions and conditions. In addition, I've made it easier to vote for the EcchiDreams Dreamer of the Month by adding a button to the box. I've also tested the functionality of including a poll on the homepage, as and when we need it, for logged in Dreamers. FAQ Section We've added a new FAQ section to cover the most frequently asked questions we have. You can easily find it under the "Information" menu tab as "FAQ"... or just by going here: https://ecchidreams.com/faq/ If we start getting asked certain questions more, we will start updating this list to include the new questions we are asked. Currently they are split across 5 different categories: General Roleplaying Gallery EcchiApps EcchiCredits and EcchiShop Changes to Premium Membership We've changed the benefits of premium membership, as I've announced in my status towards the end of last year. Premium Membership does not cost any IRL money - so please put your wallets, purses and credit cards away. They cost EcchiCredits (a contribution based currency), and can be obtained through the EcchiStore. You get many benefits to being a premium member; the following is not a definitive list: Gold and Platinum: Customisable Profile Backgrounds. Gold and Platinum: Ability to insert Profile Videos. Gold and Platinum: Unlimited Gallery Usage (no Max Bandwidth per day). Gold and Platinum: EcchiText Limitations Normal: Able to store 500 conversations, only allowed to start 60 a day (10 per minute). Gold: Able to store 5,000 conversations, only allowed to start 120 a day (20 per minute). Platinum: No limits at all. Gold and Platinum: Max Number of EcchiText Recipients in one conversation. Normal: 6 Recipients Gold: 12 Recipients Platinum: 18 Recipients. Gold and Platinum: Search Cooldown Improvements. Normal: 20 Second Cooldown. Gold: 10 Second Cooldown. Platinum: 5 Second Cooldown. Gold and Platinum: Increased Clubs. Normal: Ability to run/own 6 clubs. Gold: Ability to run/own 8 clubs. Platinum: Ability to run/own 10 clubs. There are more features being added over time, so this list can - and will - change. Hovercards (Desktop Users) You may have noticed that recently the Hovercard system has changed completely. It was actually introduced shortly after the Spring Updates 2018, but was largely in Beta. For those that don't know, the Hovercard is the information that appears when you hover your mouse over a Dreamers username or profile picture on EcchiDreams. We were one of the first IPS websites on the internet to test this new feature out, thanks to a friend of mine (the Developer) wanting me to test it for them. I think it's fair to say that Neptune and I fell in love with it, and we've decided to keep it indefinitely. This is the old Hovercard: This is the new Hovercard: It displays the profile cover image, your avatar, and nearly all the information that the first one provides. It also displays a Hovercard Quote which you can set up by visiting your profile, looking for "Hovercard Quote" at the bottom of the sidebar, and clicking on the gear/cog icon. You can put whatever you want here (within the ToS and the 160 character limit). When you're on Leave of Absence, it will display a large orange button as well, letting people know easily and quickly that you're currently on LoA. I'm pleased to announce that this is out of Beta, and is staying, for as long as it is supported. Official Discord Server Updates Our official Discord server is going well, and we've gotten a fair few people who are registered to EcchiDreams on there. This was introduced in the 2018: Summer Updates and has now been improved, as we look at further expanding this project as it matures. It's not been without it's downsides; we have had more than our fair share of drama from members, myself included. But most of the time it's a pretty chill place, and it's a great way of getting your hands on updates that are happening before they're mentioned on EcchiDreams itself, as well as to talk to various other members and staff. I've not been on it as much as I would have liked, but then I've been rather busy lately; I think after this I will try to be more active there. If the site goes down, it's a good place to get updates - if there are any - from staff, as it allows us to communicate with you on a secondary line. However the Discord server is open to EcchiDreams members only. We have recently updated the EcchiDreams Site/Discord integration features, so if you linked your account with Discord before the 10th March 2019 (17:00hrs GMT), you will need to relink it, as we have come out of Beta with this application. We've also added a few new features: New topics on the forum are displayed in the #new-topic-notifications channel. You can update your EcchiDreams email address with your Discord Email address (disabled by default) You can update your EcchiDreams profile image with your Discord profile image (disabled by default) There is now a small banner on the homepage of the site displaying this Discord; although it is unclickable at the moment. So if you haven't already: come and join us! EcchiLotto Draw The draw for the EcchiLotto system that happened on the 1st January 2019 was somewhat of a success. There was only a handful of people who played, and so far 12,500 EcchiCredits have been claimed in prizes; however, there are still a number of unclaimed tickets that may have won the ~60,000 EcchiCredit Jackpot. Is your ticket unclaimed? The winning numbers were as follows: 7, 8, 19, 20, 46 and 51 If you didn't enter this years draw, you can enter next years draw, which will happen on January 1st 2020. At time of writing, the jackpot stands at 51,600 EcchiCredits, and each ticket only costs 100 EcchiCredits. Bug Fixes We have made excellent progress in this update at squashing all known bugs that existed before. I am ecstatic to report that all known bugs mentioned in the previous update announcement have been completely fixed! We had an event on shortly after updating EcchiDreams that doubled the bounty of all bug reports submitted to us pertaining to bugs on the site. The response was simply astounding! I want to thank everyone who did their part and reported all the bugs that they found. So a big and special shout out to: @Imouto Kanna, @XenoSera, @LazarusLuna, @Whoreo, @Neptune, @SMFoxy, @Aura, @Bethany, and @Felixx, who all contributed to this by reporting them. Thank you very much for the help there, ladies and gentlemen. So the list of EcchiDreams specific bug fixes are as follows: Certain types of PNG images would crash the gallery uploader, resulting in garbled data being outputted to the user or a blank/broken image being uploaded. EcchiStore and EcchiLotto would annoyingly redirect back to homepage for every action taken. Custom Activity Stream options would not save. Posts that were edited threw a "Template Error", asking for it to be corrected in the ACP. WYSIWYG Editor kept reverting to minimalist features. In very rare instances, hitting the home icon on Apple devices (Safari browser) resulted in being logged out. Known Bugs that Still Exist If you find any, please report them for a sweet bounty! There are a few open issues in the bug tracker, but these are more quirks that seem to happen extremely infrequently, and we don't have any solid information about them at the moment. There is one bug that will be affecting everyone, as far as I am aware, but we're certainly working on it. Editor restores previous content in box regardless of if it was posted or not. Low Severity: It is more of an annoyance than a bug. Why is this a bug: It shouldn't be doing this. It should only restore the previous thing you wrote in there if it never posted like if there was an error or something. Source: りびしぃ When I first saw this picture, it somehow felt right for this announcement. I can't explain it. I think it's an incredibly well done piece, it doesn't contain people (Although there are versions that do), but it was somewhat perfect for this. I think the artist is incredibly talented, so by all means check them out.
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    If absolutely nobody wants to roleplay with you, you should probably reconsider how you approach others.
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    Classes are finished!! I am now a certified food handler!!
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    Here is something cute I meant to put up yesterday! I just think it’s adorable ^-^
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    I'd like to make an announcement! @Lisa and I are currently working on a very unique roleplay club unlike anything this site has seen! We're currently working on piecing together all the details, but I'm excited to get this thing up and running! Since we're still going to be working on some details here and there, I'm not going to say much, but I will say the story will focus heavily on blackmail. I hope everyone is as excited as I am~
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    @Violet flames @PixelBoi @lVergill @Çhërry @NickWantsToRP @Aaron @SMFoxy @Rachel Chan @FelineBeauty @Angela Daring @Lata fenley @Zanimus @Rei Senpai Please pardon my tagging, but I want to show y’all something adorable.
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    Good fucking lord. This site made me like hentai... -.-
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    A-ahh...daddy...I promise i'll be good~
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    Promise, I'm going to keep this short and keep the sappiness to a minimum. I wanted to take a monent to recognize some awesome people who have shown me such wonderful patience, both in RP and Socially! A little over a month ago, I wasn't the easiest person to get along with... hell, I was damn depressing at times. You guys deserved better and now that I am back and into the swing of things, I think it's amazing you all have been so welcoming! I love you all! And you are all sexy as hell! @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki @Harmony Frost @Anceril Night @Kitty @Fℓåку @thatonerandomchick @Lisa @PinkKitten I'm looking forward to all our adventures!
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    Trying to pick between sleep and sex is like trying to decide between thighs and tits. You don't just pick.
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    ▪DON'Ts • Godmodding ▪ADDITIONALS • Public Sex - Yup! To those who are also interested in this to spice things up- yup!~ ;3 • Spanking - I'm also into that~ Roleplay must have a story, not only about sex.
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    Please let this site be as extreme as it is because it's Christmas and I want some fun on a holiday
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    I honestly don’t care what anyone says. I’m going to get Let’s Go Eevee for Christmas!
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    Once upon a time... In a land far far ago... There was a tale... The tale was about a specific thing. Stories have been told in various places about it’s heroic deeds and tales. Some say it has the tastiest meat. Some say it can become an addiction. Some even say that it has already conqueated the many hearts of people. For this, this thing... is.... Nom nom nom ... huh? Oh sorry, I was kinda just imagining what a chicken nugget would be for some people. THE CHICKEN NUGGET TALES
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    If you're a stranger looking to roleplay with me, please do not simply send me a message asking immediately. I would like to consider myself very approachable, but I would really like to get to know somebody before roleplaying with them. After all, it's really awkward to start a roleplay and then partway through realize you're just not compatible with each other. If you're trying to actually make conversation and be friends, then please don't open up with a message that literally only says "hi," or any other generic greeting. If you don't know what to say, tell me what about me caught your attention! If I just get a generic greeting, it feels like it's been copied and pasted to a hundred different people and I'll just ignore it like junkmail. That said, if we're already friends, you can always suggest your roleplays with me right out the gate and if you just want to chat, a simple "hi," is more than welcome! ^^
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    "I think that I'm just gonna leave these here for everyone to look at~"
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    Good news for me'z, I passed my Chemistry 2 Final!! I feel super alive, whoohoo!!
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    Using this album for one shots and/or minor characters in my roleplays!
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    In my time here, I've come across a lot of people who seem to struggle with roleplaying in one way or another. Maybe they find it difficult to retain attention or to maintain a roleplay for as long as they had planned, or maybe they just struggle with playing a specific type of situation they've found themselves in among a whole series of other problems. I thought it would be nice to start a thread where people could share and discuss advice on how to be a better player and make the experience a lot more fun for everyone involved! Keep in mind, the following are just guidelines and don't necessarily have to be followed, and if you disagree with anything I suggest, feel free to respond to this thread and I might update this post! Let's start with finding someone to roleplay with: 1. Try to find someone you would be interested in This is a roleplay site, so this shouldn't be too difficult. There are often people on the homepage posting statuses asking if anyone would be interested in roleplay, but if nobody there catches your interest, you can search around on the private roleplayers bulletin board for ideas that catch your interest. If you still find nothing, feel free to create your own post! If you're comfortable jumping straight into public roleplay, I would suggest taking a peek into the various roleplay clubs. EcchiTown is a nice place to start 2. Get to know your partner first Before you send a PM to some stranger with a cute pic asking if they'd like to roleplay, you should try to make a point to get to know that person first, and I don't mean just sending them a message that says "hi," and nothing else. Introduce yourself and try to mention what about that person, in particular, caught your interest. On this site, in particular, it's easy to see somebody's roleplay preferences or to see how they interact with other users to get a feel for their interests and personality. Don't be embarrassed about bringing anything like this up, these things are public for a reason. 3. "No" means "No" Just like real life sex, not everybody you're interested in will be interested in roleplaying with you. If somebody says they're not interested or ignores your request, don't take it as some sort of personal attack and definitely don't try to contradict them. People are busy with their own priorities and by no means are you entitled to anyone's time. Even if somebody's status or signature implies that they'll be willing to roleplay with anyone who asks, don't assume that reflects their current mood. Most people probably haven't updated these things in days, weeks, months or even years. 4. Discuss what to expect ahead of time Part of this circles back to getting to know your partner. Don't assume they are or aren't interested in something just because it says so in their preferences. People's tastes change over time and they might not go back to update their interests very regularly if at all. You should always discuss things such as characters and personalities of course, but it also helps to discuss details such as how long the roleplay should be. Is it going to be a simple one-off sex scene, or are you more interested in a long-term story? If the latter, you should probably also discuss how the story will begin and where it will go from there. You don't necessarily need to set up a script that needs to be strictly adhered to, but a rough skeleton to help understand where you're going will be more than helpful for avoiding dead-ends or loss of interest around slow points in the story. 5. Compromise your writing style This might be one of the more difficult things for people to get behind, but you and your partner are going to have very different writing styles. It's inevitable and it will probably make things a little awkward early in a roleplay. Do your best to try and match your partner's style and your partner should do the same for you. If one person is writing three paragraphs a post and the other person is writing two lines, there's a major problem and neither player will probably be having any fun. In order to stop the story from falling apart, both players should be considerate and try to meet the others' expectations. The one writing three paragraphs should try to write a bit less. This can be accomplished by omitting unimportant details, you don't necessarily have to describe your clothing, body, or scenery in every single post. Try instead to focus on whatever is relevant to the actions at hand. The person writing only a few lines should do their best to write a bit more. Try to consider what your character is thinking in the moment or how they feel. Are they scared? Excited? One thing that helps me when I find my posts getting shorter is focusing on the five senses. What does your character see, hear, smell, taste, and feel? With practice, you'll find that writing longer/shorter posts comes a lot more naturally. 6. Don't stress too much about replies This goes both ways. If you aren't feeling up to the task, do not reply. Pressuring yourself to respond when you're distracted or just not in the mood will only stress you out and result in a lackluster post. Try to send a message to your partner and explain why you haven't replied, but sometimes life gets busy and you can't even do that, again, don't stress about it. On the same note, keep in mind that these same things will happen to your partner occasionally, too. Never under any circumstance is it okay to pressure your partner into replying. Instead of demanding a response, try to be considerate and check up on them first. Maybe shoot them a message asking if everything's okay. If they don't respond to that, just assume they're preoccupied with something else and move on. Do not blow up their inbox with angry messages, even if you notice they've been active elsewhere on the site. It will only make you look childish and desperate. One message is enough to get your point across. If your partner has lost interest in the roleplay, they have every right to stop at any point. 7. Do not do anything that would cause a permanent or semi-permanent change in your partner's character without consent For example, if you have a vampire character, you should make sure your partner is okay with the idea of their character becoming a vampire as well before having your character bite their's neck. If you bit your partner's character and they didn't want to play a vampire, then your partner is now burdened with a character trait that they don't enjoy and it will lessen their enjoyment of the story. Consent doesn't necessarily have to be given out of character, obviously, if your partner's character asks to be bitten, then your partner is obviously okay with their character being bitten. But if consent isn't clear, always ask out of character. 8. "Yes, and..." This was a lesson I learned in Theatre class in regards to improvisation, but I've found that it works wonders in roleplay as well. The basic idea is that you never say "That didn't happen," and you always add to what happened. Neglecting either of these things points in roleplay will cause the scene to come to a screeching halt and, depending on the situation, might even be taken as an insult by your partner. This is a big reason why communication is important when it comes to roleplay. If someone makes a mistake, such as assuming you were wearing a different outfit, you can send them an Out of Character message that explains their mistake and request for them to modify their post. For example, let's say your partner says "he pulls off her top and gropes her bare breasts..." but your character would be hesitant to allow him to do so. You can't respond to that and suddenly say "She stopped him from removing her top and didn't give him the opportunity to touch her chest." He's already established that he did what he did. Your options in this case are either to have your character react appropriately to their character abruptly pulling off her top and groping her without consent, or you can voice your concerns with your partner out of character and have them adjust their character's behavior. Please make sure that you always give your partner a chance to react. Even if it would split one post into two or three, you should never assume you know how your partner's character will react. Nobody knows their character better than them. Assuming that they'll do nothing in response and playing ahead as if that was the case is known as powerplaying and is frowned upon in roleplay in general. If you want things to play out a very specific way, either discuss it with your partner or write a story solo instead, there's a place for that in the creative corner! If you and your partner can't come to an agreement on the matter, then you just might not be very compatible for roleplay, which leads into my next point. 9. It's okay if you aren't compatible with your partner There are countless different combinations of grammar level, writing style, sexual preferences, etc. out there. You are not going to be compatible with anyone and everyone. It is ultimately your decision whether or not you're comfortable roleplaying with someone, and it is their decision whether or not they're comfortable roleplaying with you. Do not take it as an insult if your partner decides to stop the roleplay because they don't think you're compatible and do not hesitate to stop the roleplay yourself if you feel you aren't compatible. If anyone in the roleplay isn't having fun, the roleplay isn't worth it. Roleplay is supposed to be fun. If there is one thing I say in this post that you should follow, it should be this: Never, under any circumstances, roleplay with someone out of pity, and never use pity to try and guilt someone into roleplaying with you. These are the types of situations that can lead to toxic and abusive relationships. Yes, even online. I might expand on this list later on, but I hope I've been able to help some fledgling roleplayers out! Please keep in mind that this is not intended to call anyone out or to make fun of anyone, it is simply a list of guidelines to follow. I'm not trying to tell you what to do and if you have a different method that works for you and those you play with, feel free to share them down below! I and many others would love to hear! Happy dreams~ Also, mods, if there's a better or more appropriate place for this thread to be, could you please move it there?
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    There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who do erotic roleplay and those who do not. There is no joke here. Fuck me.
  24. 5 points
    "Greetings everyone. New to the forum and wandering around looking for rp partners and people to chat with."
  25. 5 points
    Good day everybody!! I don't know if any of you remember me, but for those who do, i'm back! I haven't logged in around 6 months, mainly cause i've been busy, but now with summer vacations away from college, a horny girl like me gets really bored If you want to roleplay with me, just DM me! I'm allways happy to RP, see my preferences chart!
  26. 5 points
  27. 5 points
  28. 5 points
    Hentai post before I clean the house~
  29. 5 points
    How does one get Reputation point here?
  30. 5 points
    So... I was going to try to not sound like a wimpy bitch here, but it has been years since I felt so much love around my birthday! You are all so very awesome and made an old jerk like me feel so loved! Love you guys! I will talk to you later!
  31. 5 points
    The log out button should be further away from the notificaton buttons
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  34. 5 points
    Cow has finished and passed all of her exams!
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    And here's another cutie~
  36. 5 points
  37. 5 points
    Off to bed, thanks for the entertaining (and hot) plays. Nighty night, love you all.
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    "I am so grateful to everyone right now ^_^ Thank you all for making this a happy day instead of one of angst XD"
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    Here's something cute for you all today! <3
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    At work but loving these steamy role plays!!
  41. 4 points
    "Detective Lolifox is on the case!" Art by coreytaiyo
  42. 4 points
    When the automatic slicer goes down so you have to cut an entire block of cheese in 5 minutes. Also now my coworkers want to know why one hand is stronger than the other... Should I tell em?
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    From the album: Your Choices-

    Name: Reina Harmary. Age: 18-22 years old. Species: Human. Occupation: Secretary/Writer. Breast Size: D Cup. Virgin: Yes.
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    Update: Crisis averted Even though things with who I consider my best friend will never be the same again
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    From the album: Art by Me

    © NKKNKO

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    Things kinda got busy towards the end of the day here but it's awesome to be roleplaying again! I look forward to all our amazing plots!!! Btw, because it was brought up, if I am already in an RP with you, and you have another awesome plot idea, we can do both! Im not stuck on one RP per person! Replies will be made tomorrow morning! Love you all!
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    And another day off
  48. 4 points
    Don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to RP.
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    what a wonderful day for roleplaying ~~
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    If there was a way you could change your gender (permanent or temporary) would you? If so, what would you do?
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