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    A great and really responsive RPer.
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    I will admit that at first, I was skeptical. I don’t remember if I contacted tactical harem first or if he contacted me, but I’d seen him floating around for a bit. I see smutbased rp. Our rp was in fact mostly smut based. However, we discussed things during our rp, and exchanged messages back and fourth. We talked about what might be best for the situations, the characters, and when I expressed worry of getting bored, we came up with extensions to keep the rp going. If you’re looking for someone who thinks a lot and considers your feelings and concerns, he’s a great partner. He puts thought into the characters who need it, but also makes really good faceless characters. There was one post that he sent me for one of our rps, that I could truly feel the emotion in. I actually cried. I would give him more stars if I could, but five is the max. I completely recommend him.
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    Absolutely wonderful to roleplay with...
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    A wonderful roleplayer who is responsive and creative in their writing! Truly an honor to get to rp with them.
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    I have been roleplaying with Chiyako for a little bit since she's come onto EcchiDreams. She has been an enthusiastic participant within most of my Club roleplays and it has been a pleasure to roleplay with her. Her characters are quite detailed and interesting. Even if I have not roleplayed with one of the characters, I have read their profile if I am involved in the general RP, and each character is as interesting and unique as the last. They're very in-depth, with lovely quirks and interesting back stories. Chiyako's posts are an absolute joy to read, especially on her more eccentric and excitable characters. Her posts are as energetic as the characters themselves, and it helps you really get a sense of their personality. I look forward to reading her posts, everytime. Chiyako is also a roleplayer that posts very frequently, and I've seen her throw out several posts a day if I have the free time to do more than one post myself. She is very quick to respond when she's online. For those looking for a competent roleplayer that is quick to post, has good characters and does fun plots, then Chiyako is certainly a roleplayer to consider.
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    Lively and witty people are always a delight~ And this one is certainly a delight~ Very approachable too~ Our roleplay(s) have been very engaging and never have I felt bored. When it comes to me and ERPs, I need it to be engaging and exciting for me to remain interested, and she has kept me wanting more. Lol Definitely the kind of person I look out for with ERPs~ 0w0
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    Role playing with Matty has been one of my favorite experiences to date. He doesn’t take the setting too seriously and is able to adapt if necessary. He is also very willing to explain stuff outside of the roleplay if you don’t understand. I would recommend him to anyone who likes detailed role plays that require thought.
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    Personally roleplayed with this one, and she's quite amazing. Witty, funny, and able to take the roleplay in exciting and arousing ways. Outside of a few things, she is incredibly accepting of most preferences and ideas to make the roleplay as stimulating as possible, in every way that implies. All in all? One of my top 10 roleplayers I've ever interacted with.
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