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Roleplay Suite Updates (Part 2)

Image Artist Credit: Liru by 春夏冬工.

Greetings, fellow Dreamers!

Following up from our massive update, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes during this Beta period to bring most of our functionality back online. In many ways, EcchiDreams has evolved considerably during this phase. Now we’re starting to look at bringing certain sections up-to-date. These past few months now, we’ve been working on the The Roleplaying Suite but this is finally coming to an end as the Roleplay Suite Overhaul is nearing completion. 

We’ve made changes to how the Private Roleplay topics are displayed; as such we will message everyone with their Private Roleplay adverts and encourage them to repost them on our new Private Roleplayer Bulletin Board system, which allows people to search for the roleplay they want - effortlessly. We’ve also released a number of guides to help you get started on EcchiDreams as a roleplayer, and we’ll continue releasing guides, although you too can take part if you want, and release your own guides. 

We’ve also created an area called the Sandbox. This doesn’t just have to be used for Roleplaying. The Sandbox is the place in where you can design your topics before you post them publicly to get the formatting you want, and to make it look perfect. Only you and staff can see your own posts, so if you do need any assistance, we can help you out (Just ask!).

In addition to roleplay updates, we’ve made changes to the homepage for both logged in and logged out dreamers. Logged in dreamers will see several of the features that used to be around on the forum index, whereas logged out dreamers will get a more modern homepage which informs them of what our site is about and what we do. We’ve also made large scale changes to the Terms of Service; which basically re-affirms our stance towards Free Speech. 

Lastly; EcchiDreams will be coming out of Beta on the 6th September 2016. We look forward to your comments, feedback and criticisms in the section below. 

Sweet Dreams~!

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Posted (edited)

Thanks; I pitched it to Neptune and she loved the idea. I got the idea because I used it a lot. Then I thought 'well... that's rather selfish' so I decided to share. ... Okay that's a little fictional. I have had the ability to do this for a while and I suddenly wondered if roleplayers could make use of it and Dreamers who weren't roleplayers *might* make use of it too. Because we (Staff) can see everyone's threads, if they need help with something they can tag us in, or even send us an EcchiText and we can give them a hand. But the point of it is that no one else can see it. 

Now theoretically you could use it to store passwords and notes; but I SERIOUSLY cannot and will not recommend that, like, at all. I think I might put that into the description... Yeah; I'll go do that now. (Edit: Done)

But this is a much needed update; great work guys (and a pat on my own back). ?

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Posted (edited)

unfortunately I think I found a bug :/ I'm not able to leave a comment on it like I can here


Edited by Whoreo

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