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    Hello there! thank you for stopping by and checking this out. I'm looking to start a few of these. A lot of them are femdom leaning with me as the sub. They're also pretty flexible so please feel free to make suggestions to help you get more involved with them. Please message me the ones you are interested in so we can talk more details out. 

    VAMPIRE’S THRALL: A vampire(you) owns an upscale club where you can pick out your newest slave(me) and induct into the night life. This one is more passionate and romantic. 

    BREAKING A SPELL: A hero adventurer(me) who is hunting a witch of the woods(you). The witch casts a spell on her woods that all those seeking her, only seek her out of lust.

    GOBLIN GIRL: A local bounty hunter(me) has captured a goblin girl(you) who has been stealing and wreaking havoc on the nearby village. The goblin girl does all she can to seduces her way out of this

    TRAPPED IN A DEMON TEMPLE An Adventurer(Me) went exploring an abandoned temple in hopes of lost treasure. Turns out it wasn’t abandoned. The adventurer awakes only to find himself playing the twisted game of a succubus demon queen(you). If we go this way I would prefer to be femdom heavy. 

    A ROYAL AFFAIR: An Elven princess(you) is supposed to be married off,but instead prefers the company of her personal servant(Me). This one can be either romantic or purely sexual. 

    AMAZON/ORC’S MAN SLAVE: A human slave(Me) has been sold off to a (you)Amazon/Orc as their husband originally meant to breed a child into them, but slowly falls in love with them.

    I'm open to your role being played a futa or something along those lines. As well as me willing to play more femboy/trap for my roles. For most of these or switching out some of the races like for goblin girl to something else(although I would love to have some fun with a fatbottom goblin). Also an added bonus if you're open to feet. 

    Once Again thank you or reading! 

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