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  • A Queen and the Monster King

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    This role play takes place in a fantasy world where humans and monsters live separately in two kingdoms beside one another. Fear of the monsters superior physical abilities made the humans hate them and attack any monster on their land. The monster had enough and attacked and a long war happened. 

    Tired of fighting, the monster King, a Oni named Drake, meet with the human king to decide a treaty. A beautiful woman(either the queen or a princess) caught Drake’s eye and he proposed a marriage to unite the to kingdoms. The King agreed and the woman was given to the Monster and a public marriage was show to the human kingdom the uniting of the races and the war ending. The monster King and his new queen traveled back to monsters home kingdom, to start their new life together. 

    I’m looking for a woman to play the new Queen and I had a few ideas for how this plays out. We can do a more romance side, where the Monster King and the Queen slowly fall in love, or we can go more smutty, where the monsters wild lustful nature makes the proper lady turn into a bit of a slut. Or we can do a mix.

    I’m also open to the idea of the Queen meeting other types of monsters in the castle and lustful or romantic things happening. If your interested let me know.

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