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    Greetings! I'm new here, but not new to roleplaying and have a few plots and pairings in mind I'd like to try. I'll probably add to or delete from this post from time to time depending on which rps are open or if I get new ideas too.

    I'm looking for someone interested in doing an Inuyasha rp. The pairings I want to play are Sesshomaru and an adult Rin.

    As for the more historical themed rps, I have a female vampire x male vampire hunter pairing I would like to try set in either the Victorian Era to The Great War. 

    The other pairing I have in mind is where a Teutonic Knight discovers that his Hungarian friend and rival is actually a woman in disguise. While he is initially freaked out, he soon realizes he desires her. 

    I also have one in mind for a short, but well endowed futa who seeks to have a harem of women who live and work in her mansion as well as giving her heirs when she impregnates them.


    If there is anything more you wish to know or discuss, don't hesitate to message me! Hope to hear back soon!


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    For the Ranma 1/2 idea, where you wanting to rp as Ranma or did you want your partner to rp Ranma.

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