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    TL;DR : Literate Role Player looking for more role plays to partake in. Open to just about any ideas, don't be intimidated by the amount of text. I can happily / easily meet you at whatever level you're comfortable with so long as your writing is compelling.


    [Update v.1.0 : Added one unique plot. More to come as I find inspiration.]

    [Update v.1.1 : Found inspiration. Another Plot Get!]

    [Update v.1.2 : The slightest bit of flavor added.]


    Hello! I am fairly new here and am seeking a relatively active (a few replies a day) role player. I consider myself a semi-literate/literate role player. I am most comfortable playing male roles with female pairings as I have almost no experience doing other pairings. Though I am open to the idea if your writing style is compelling enough to capture my interest. Considered yourself challenged! >:3

    Plot Points

    The False Calm of an Amber Sky

    Loterra, a man made planet that could efficiently sustain life. It was a legend created by man's desperation to escape the harsh conditions of the main planet, Yunero. Seventy generations of civilization had more or less sucked the planet dry, and a chance at a simple existence, rather than foraging for scraps everyday to survive, was impossible. The industries that dominated the economy of Yunero want nothing to do with Loterra. There was no research of any kind to see if there was even the slightest possibility of creating such a thing. The blame was shoved onto the rich hierarchy that could afford the ludicrous prices the leading industries charged for everyday necessities causing a rift between different financial classes. The rich had the most to lose from its creation, and although not all shared the same greedy mentality the majority held, the less fortunate tended not to care and treated them as such.


    Scenario One

    The two characters would come from different backgrounds. One would be born into a 'royal' family of sorts, the other not as fortunate. An abnormally strong sandstorm would cause the royal to have to take refuge in a rather dangerous part of the planet that only locals were well versed enough to survive in, the Southern Regions (SR), most called it. The other character would be from the SR, and assist the royal at the promise of riches and glory. The main focus would be to get the royal back home safely.

    Scenario Two

    Both character would be born of royal blood and not have any comprehension of the struggles most day to day people faced. An uprising would break out with the less fortunate trying to topple the unjust hierarchy that had been ruling the planet for centuries. In the ensuing chaos the two would be thrust together having only each other to rely on as everything they knew crumbled to nothingness before their eyes. The main focus would be coping with the loss of family and their luxurious lifestyle while dealing with the fact that they were now on equal footing with the less fortunate.

    Scenario Three

    A reverse of Scenario Two, both characters would be in charge of the revolution to topple the hierarchy of Yunero. Main conflict would be gaining control of the industries and the best way to uproot the corrupt system plaguing the people. Whether it be through peaceful negotiations, or violent assassinations it didn't matter. Change would come, no matter if it came through diplomacy or force.


    Behind Closed Doors

    My favorite kind of cliche role play, the classic boss x secretary. There's many different flavors, and I'm a fan of all of them. Whether it be a Dom Secretary that would belittle and berate her Sub Boss into doing whatever she requested of him. Or the more vanilla Dom Boss taking advantage of his new, naive underling. The direction would mostly focus on risque situations revolving around the thrill of doing lewd acts in a relatively public setting. Having to work without wearing any underwear, concealing the fact that he was getting fellatio from his secretary during a video conference, or orgasm denial, being forced to hold back an orgasm, as a vibrating device was being controlled by her boss from the safety of his private office. There's many more situations / scenarios I could come up with, but I believe this is enough to get a general direction of where this would be going. Not really interested in fleshing out the idea more than this, due to this role play being focused on a particular scene rather than a progressive story line. The only form of build up would be the two becoming more familiar with each other and being comfortable enough to do such things around the office. Or maybe they could just be blackmailed into doing against their will. Whatever floats your boat.


    Incompetent Leadership

    Militant themed role play. Could be during times of peace involving simulated combat, or actual conflict.

    Scenario One

    A captain tasked with taking the new lieutenant under his wing to show her the ropes of being an officer. He would serve as a role model of sorts trying to shape her into the leader he believes she can be. Quickly discovers she joined for an entirely different reason, and had no problem using her body to climb up the chain and manipulate his men into doing her bidding. There would be potential for a power struggle between them, butting heads as his men tended to listen and side with the lieutenant more than him for obvious reasons. The dynamic between the two of them would constantly be changing, initially her being attentive and reliable and then more lax and uncaring as she eventually outranked him due to her devious tactics.

    Scenario Two

    An experienced squad leader placed under the command of yet another green officer. Although he knew more about the realities of combat and tactics, he would be forced to listen to her often unrealistic strategies doing his best to keep her and his squad safe while doing so. She outranked him, so the best he could do was offer advice. Whether or not she listened to it was entirely up to her, and he would struggle with accepting her as his new commander.


    Open Ended Scenarios

    I'm somewhat of a freestyle writer. I do not require a big, expansive plot to get my creative juices flowing. As long as we have established roles I can pretty much just play off of our character's feelings and come up with things on the fly. Likewise this is a section just rattling off pairings I think would be fun to do.

    Currently Craving: Dragon Princess x Guard

    Dragon Princess x Guard (Spice: The guard generally tries to keep the princess calm or else she generally sets whatever is upsetting her on fire. Unfortunately, he is quite bad at his job.)

    Undertale RP (Not exactly sure what it would be about, just an idea that came to mind.)

    Blackmailed (Typical manipulation of getting someone to do something they wouldn't do under normal circumstances.)

    Character x Pet (Vanilla sub/dom RP. Am open to the idea of it being a furry RP as well)

    [!!!]   I will not role play in other places outside of this site   [!!!]


    [`]  K I N K S  [`]

    [`]   Biting, biggest weakness bar none.

    [`]   Teasing / Edging

    [`]   Being forcefully seduced


    [+]  L I K E S  [+]

    [+]   Descriptive details about a character's feelings / emotions

    [+]   Sexual tension, the thicker the better

    [+]   Playful flirting and build up


    [~]  D I S L I K E S  [~]

    [~]   Lengthy descriptions about scenery or attire.

    [~]   Broken or fragmented sentences

    [~]   Ghosting



    The dead of night and he was once again wide awake staring at the blank ceiling above him. Not that his restlessness was anything new, the smallest thing would keep his mind racing, relentless jumping from one idea to the next. Something as small as trying to remember if he locked the door, would lead him to wondering if he had left his jacket in his car, and then retracing all the steps in between. Whether or not this activity was normal or not, it was his norm and as much as he hated it he simply took it as well needed reflection. Today was different though, his mind was completely blank and still he couldn't fall asleep. He knew he had payed all his bills for the month, he had played the bill chain game the night before. The trash was out, and his fish were fed. So what was it that was keeping him up? Sighing he sat up, this was pointless. He had never been able to force himself to sleep, and today would be no different. Getting out of bed he stretched and took a glance out his window. A full moon, shining all its light through the clear pane revealing to him the city lights dancing in the distance. Somewhere out there he was sure there were others suffering his same affliction. And somehow that made him feel better. Misery loved company I guess. Turning his attention away from the glass he shuffled to put his slippers on and head for the door grabbing his keys from the counter. Might as well take a stroll, it was a nice enough out anyhow. Locking the door behind him, he made his way out enjoying the brisk breeze blowing over him as he started his midnight stroll.


    I like to consider myself fairly easy going, I'm open to most ideas as I like to please my role player partner by playing their ideas and cravings out more so than my own. As for my own preferences I am quite dull as I can get equal enjoyment by playing cliche roles (i.e. student x teacher) as I can playing out more involved plots. Feel free to comment the thread if interested, though the best way to get my attention is through EcchiText! 


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