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  • Akuja

    This RP idea is loosely inspired by Manyakis’ “Incubus stuck at the border” animation: https://twitter.com/manyakisart/status/1074343863811112960?s=21

    “When people think about Incubi or Succubi, they often imagine sultry or imp-like sex hungry creatures that go out to any lengths to impregnate or to be impregnated respectively. Both are often restricted to the niche of fantasy and fiction to serve as an avatar of sorts, or one’s own dream partner to whom they’d wish would visit them personally. In other words, they don’t exist at all in the real world, right?”



    “Well, I’d hate to break it to you, but… We do exist, dumbass. And I’m gonna be off honing my skills as an Incubus once I go off to college!” 


    The Asmodeus Academy For Lustful Boys exists hidden from the modern world to teach fledgling Incubi the ways of sex; More specifically, forceful and intensive rape. Each year, many starry-eyed and horny Incubi are enrolled into the academy to revel in unrestrained debauchery and refine it into an art of fine utter defilement of their victims. How the academy goes about achieving this is quite unique, even by Incubi academia standards.

    Other Incubi schools teach their students to simply impregnate a woman for a night or two and simply leave them before moving on to the next victim. Unlike those other schools, Asmodeus Academy actively emboldens and encourages its students to take women as their own sex slaves for the purposes of breeding through numerous repeat visits. These frequent visits become increasingly intense up to the point where the “forceful and intensive rape” borders into the territory of straight up mindbreaking until the victim becomes utterly addicted. 

    Our MC whose name I still need to figure out is one such fledgling Incubus who’ll be attending Asmodeus Academy as a freshman.  Expectations for him along with many other Incubi in his generation are remarkably high, but the Academy will go through any lengths necessary to ensure that each of its students pass with flying colors. This includes counseling from Succubi who are more than happy to personally evaluate and give tips in regards to a students’ sexual performance. Additionally, they may even provide some “motivational cock worship” or be “cock worshipped” by those who feel are lacking in confidence in themselves. While they are all well and dandy, the academy provides what is arguably its most important thing their students can have: Their first sex slave. 

    MC because I don’t have a name yet… is no different in getting to have his own slave, but he notices something odd; While many of the other girls were blatantly vocal about not wanting to be an Incubus’ cumdump, MC’s slave was surprisingly calm. Too calm in fact. It was only when he brought her into his dorm that he finally realized what was wrong with her: She was actually enjoying her predicament. When pressed further on this, MC’s slave explained that it was always her dream to be the plaything of an Incubus and that she intentionally got herself kidnapped just to fulfill said dream. This presses some major issues for MC as a girl who already wants to be his breeding slave right off the bat presents its own problems. Problems that, if left unresolved, may end up giving MC a poor grade at best or suspension at worst. 


    For this RP, I’m looking for a female willing to play as the MC’s sex slave. Optionally, you can even be one of the Succubus councilors who interacts with MC. Feel free to contact me through EcchiTexts so that we may discuss any further details regarding this RP. 

    Until then, see ya~


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