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  • Animal Crossing: Nude Horizons

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    I won't lie to you: I have been getting into the newest Animal Crossing a lot since I got it about a month ago and I still play it a lot. Of course, I have also seen the infamous status that someone like Ankha have gotten due to one specific animation. So I have been getting increasingly interested in doing an RP within the same universe. So I picked out two females whom strikes my fancy to play as: Ankha and/or Isabelle.

    The finer details, plot and so on I do not wish to decide ahead of me, but I do have a few things I really want to get into and explore. I mostly just wanted to give the basics of what I wanted.

    Themes, ideas and such I want to use:

    • Plenty of lewd kinks and acts
    • Gangbangs and orgies (depending if I play one or both females)
    • Corruption/bimbofication over a long period of time
    • Using lewd acts to earn Nook Miles
    • New careers for the girl(s) such as pornstars or other fun idea

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