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  • Anyone want to do an invisible/ghost/tentacle/mirror rape roleplay?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    So, I'm craving a rape roleplay that involves invisible creatures or ghosts. I recently watched a hentai like that and it turned me on, so I wanted to attempt it. 

    The idea I had is that your character/creature sneaks into the school, it begins raping the resident girls of that school. It's a dormitory school, so your character/creature could just rape girls in their rooms as well. But since your character is not seeable, it means your character can get away with raping as many girls as you want. You could even impregnate a few if you're into that kind of thing.

    Or we could do a scenario where your character inherits a mirror from family. This mirror is magical and can let you see anything, but what you want to see is normally; bras and panties. You eventually start touching girls, groping them, fingering them, licking them and things like that. At least until you get tired of everything and start to rape the girls, since your penis can go through the mirror too, making it where no one will know what you are doing to them.

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