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  • BBC Lover looking for fun

    Why hello,

    As you can guess, I am bored and wanting some fun.  I an heavily into Interracial scenes, and a partner who doesn't mind playing new guys for different scenes with my character.  I currently have two ideas I'd really like to play out, but they do have some certain needs for them, which I will happily share if you wish to hear about these two ideas.  Otherwise below I will share basic, little info on some of my characters I play, I would share with face claims, but I do tend to change up my face claims over time when I find one to fit the character better.  Yes I know not to much offered up in here at this time, but I will update as things go on.  For now if you wish to help with am RP, then message me.  I will end up asking some questions too, they are specific, but also don't worry about saying no to them, the questions are only to help me with the kind of ideas to share to RPing.


    My current characters.(Ask for face claims and I will share.)


    Hope. 27, engaged to a movie camera man, travels with him for his work.

    Candy, 25, married, stay home housewife, gets bored easy and goes out often with her husband away a lot, Hypersexual disorder.

    Kimmy. 28, married, two kids, stay home mother/wife/personal trainer.

    Allie, engaged to her high school sweet heart, works as a model/Radio co-host( tricked into playing the role of some sex crazed bimbo. Some people recognize her voice, leading her into situations to have to live up to that radio personality role, acting the bimbo.)

    Steph, single, met her roommate on craigs list, unaware the whole house is always being recorded and broadcasted live online 24/7

    Jill, has a boyfriend, lives with her boyfriend and his asshole roommate/bully.

    Cindy, or as so goes by when cosplaying or gaming, Sin Dee. 20, Cosplayer, Online gamer girl, lives off a rich boyfriend who lets her travel a lone a lot around the world for Comic Conventions.



    That's it for now, more to come in the future hopefully.  Again, if you wish to help then feel free to message me, and I am into more smut than plot in my RP's but doesn't mean can't have plot, if it's good.

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