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  • black butler/seraph of the end. trouble with a demon

    • Comment here first! Looking

    either of those two fandoms that I mentioned is fine,I'm look ING for a fandom roleplay,no more then the fandoms that I have listed:

    owari no seraph or

    black butler

    I'm looking for a descreptive person to roleplay with,in real life gender doesn't matter,just not ok with short replies

    we can discuss more ideas but resuming it I was thinking about what if the oc gave up their humanity in order to save their crush life but in the end they become a incubus??(if you want then to already know each other)

    if you dont like it we can roleplay some other idea like,what if a human become a monster and gets trapped in this world*the anime*


    info about my oc?:

    a shy and introverted person,who can be talktative and open up if they become more confortable enough,never had a boyfriend or even girlfriend before,to kind and gentle.


    they do tend to sometimes be clingy and very shy when complimented about their appearence or talent.

    what I'm ok with:(those are optional if your not ok with some stuff that I'm ok with just warn me).


    plot ideas?:

    for black butler I was thinking about oc x ciel,he is a pround earl,maybe to pround to admit that he had fallen for someone,or even pround to admit that he is a needy virgin boy.

    boy x boy

    rough sex


    mpreg(depending of the scenario)


    passionate sex

    first time


    not ok with:

    out of character

    incest of any kind.

    age gap


    mommy daddy




    pet play


    shock treatment






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