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  • Can I be your cute sub for the most deranged and dark stories?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I usually use my main post to list countless cravings and desires of mine, but it can feel a tad cramped, and this time I have a specific craving I want to indulge in.

    This is for really dark, deranged, and messy stories. 

    This will be smut-focused, but if you want to write a dark plot alongside the smut with me I could be game. It really depends on how the plot would be worked into the story itself.

    I will get to the plot ideas later, as my main focus here is the kinks I want to indulge in: so, if you like the kinks and have your own ideas, shoot them. While the plots I'll share later would be delightful to indulge in, I am really happy to play others' stories, especially if I get to play out the kinks I am craving.

    The two kinks that are a requirement for me in this are: non-con/dub-con and inflicting pain upon MC.

    >>> leaning towards non-con, but can be convinced to dub-con. MC will never fully enjoy herself though, and the forceful aspect of the story is big part of what I am looking for

    >>> inflicting pain can range from mild to severe, but there has to be at least some. A list of things I enjoy, going from mild to severe:

    x painful penetration

    x using ice for discomfort/pain

    x spanking, whipping, choking (light BDSM stuff)

    x wax play & more intense BDSM stuff, aka whipping that leaves bruises/makes MC bleed

    x knife play / making MC bleed (lightly) (eg. piercing her nipples)

    x branding MC by burning marks into her/light use of fire

    Here's a list of extra kinks I enjoy and would love to have in RP, but are more negotiable:



    BDSM stuff in general (bondage especially is happily welcomed)

    Sex Toys


    Size Difference

    Huge Cocks

    Lots of Cum / Cumflation





    My main limits would be: vore, gore, bathroom stuff. I am open to more kinks than the ones I listed, so if there's anything extra you wanna do, let me know.


    >>> I will always play a sub. Not listing pairings because I have ideas for too many, but I'd prefer MC to be younger than YC.  Modern and fantasy pairings are preferable.



    Priestess' Relief Program

    The idea is that, Priestesses from the temple are expected to visit convicted criminals in their cells and service them. They don't want to do it, but the law demands it, and criminals know they can do whatever they want as nobody cares what the holy women are thinking, or feeling.

    Risky Choice

    Thief takes a deal from the bodyguard: she gets out but she has to let him use her body for a specific number of nights. Unfortunately, bodyguard is very kinky, and once she says yes to the deal there's no going back...

    In need of Cash

    Needing quick money, MC takes on a job in the sex-shop. Everything goes fine until she needs to close together with the owner, who loves to test new toys on the workers, it seems... now, comfy furniture in backroom makes a lot more sense.

    Bastard Princess

    Nobody wants her and she feels out of place. Locked up in her room, to avoid others, she is almost always alone. Advisor of the King sees her as an easy victim for his schemes, knowing he can use her however he wishes and nobody would care...

    Farm's Life

    Farmer's daughter learns the hard way that after her mother's death now she has to take in a lot of her duties...

    Worshipping Daddy

    The kind of setup where the daughter is expected to service her father (or, potentially, daughters). Open to making up specific backstory why :3 Also open to playing mother as side character, that helps prepare the daughter for her new duty!

    Maid Life

    When she took a job, she was informed night shift might be involved, but she did not expect the night shift to mean that she was now letting the owner use her body... whether she wanted or not, that was now in her contract and she had to deal with it!

    Kinky MC

    MC wants to explore kinks so she goes to sex-club, specifically wanting to experience her first anal, but also, makes a naive mistake of choosing 'no limits' band when she is asked about it. Of course, the club and its patrons makes sure she truly experience what does that mean...


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