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    Hello All!~

    I am looking for either one or two people whom can/will to the following:

    - Rp in the third person, past or present tense, whatever suit you.
    -Okay with rping with Original Characters 
    - Rp as more then 2 characters at once, and up to maybe 4 at once, depending on the rp.
    - Willing to rp AUs
    - Is okay with Polyamory relationships and LGBTQ+ relationships
    - Write more then two lines for a reply.
    -Can rp up to multi-para in length!/literate 
    - Apply to reply about once a week
    - Willing do do plotting/ OOC chatting
    - Okay with violence, some light to mild gore
    -MUST be okay with ANGST(Unresolved trauma and the like) and Drama!
    - Smut is a must for me, not right away! but I like my rps to be 60/40 Story/Smut or 50/50 Story/Smut
    -Okay with Liquor/Alcohol consumption and Smoke both regular and 420

    - No smut right away
    -Be kind to me, and I'll be kind right back.

    - My Hero Academia/BNHA (AU of course! Everyone must be 21+ Also one AU would be them but No quirks!)

    Alrighty! So plots are 
    Soulmate AUs. All reverse harem! So One girl(MyOC) with multiple males. Now this is a VERY rough draft. I am more then happy to hear ideas to add to it! In these plots, Whomever you(and the other person) are. Have already meet their other soul mates. Except for My OC whom has been pretty much unfindable. For years they've been searching for this other soul mate. Until one day, say 5 or so years later. They finally turn up, only they are either states or countries away. The plot would go on, to them finally get into contact with their soulmate. Then eventually meeting up and hopefully getting answers. Drama, Angst, and shenanigans ensue. Including but not limited to meeting My OCs rather large family. It's a happy ending plot, but it takes a WHILE to get to that happy ending.


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