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  • Comedic adventure chock-full of 'bad ends'!

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    (One possible protagonist appearance -- others can be found in my gallery if you need inspiration)

    I'm looking for a partner with few or no limits who wants to star as the hapless heroine to an irreverent long-term adventure or slice-of-life that never takes itself too seriously, despite revolving around the 'dark' theme of rape.

    To illustrate the kind of tone I'm going for, imagine a typical comedy/fanservice anime. The kind of show that probably has an episode where the girl(s) go to the beach, and an unruly giant squid gets way too friendly -- there may even be some implied rape happening off-screen! Despite experiencing what should be considered a traumatic event, the character moves on fresh-faced for her next adventure (which will surely also see her being molested) with no long-term repercussions. I want to do something like that, but of course with all the naughty stuff described in delicious detail.

    This will be an open world that we create together as we go, and you can do as you please. The setting could be anything from fantasy, modern or sci-fi. The character, as described above, will be an airheaded and wholesome girl who does not seek sexy situations, but is always found by them. Despite being raped on a near-daily basis, she remains naive and forgiving to a fault, moving forward with a smile. You may also switch between multiple characters if you want some more variety.

    This part can be negotiated or entirely left out, but since the whole fun of this is putting dark content through a lighthearted lens, I think it would be fun to play with death in this RP too. We would simply decide on a respawn system of some sort, and that would open us up to snuff by monster vore, or giant insertion, or other things. Afterwards the character could just respawn somewhere and be like "Ouch, that wasn't nice" or something.

    Finally, I hope that you will not view yourself as a mere 'passenger', in this -- join me in the driver's seat and contribute your own ideas along the way!

    If this sounds up your alley, please get in touch and we'll brainstorm the details!

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