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  • Craving a starfox roleplay ( human X anthro) Willing to double!

    I really have a craving for a starfox roleplay and looking for someone to main as Wolf O Donnell. I'm willing to double as any other character for this roleplay ^^. Any plots would have a mix of story and smut.

    I do have an idea for a story but im willing to brainstorm ideas!

    Plot: MC  daughter of the king of the planet Elara she is loved and adored by many she always puts everyone before her no matter who they are its just the way she was raised. Unfortunately hard times had come to the planet of Elara between bandits coming to raid them or just attack the citizens for fun. In a desperate attempt MC father king Mathias contacted and begged for Lord O' Donnell to protect the planet since the planet was in his territory. Wolf agrees as long as the king pays the fees. Of course the king accepted thus bringing peace back to the planet. Now years later the planet faces another hardship the king is running out of money and can not continue you to pay wolf and his crew. So when the time comes for Star wolf to come and collect their pay they're met with the king on his knees begging for an extension for the pay. Wolf not caring about the mans pleas takes out his blaster and threatens him to kill him where he stands if he doesn't give the money. Though being told to stay out this business MC quickly runs in after over hearing them and stands protectively in front of her father not caring that wolf is a dangerous man. Wolf stays silent and stares at the girl for a moment and smirks respecting the fact she stood her ground to him and tells the king in exchange for not paying he'll take his daughter instead. The king quickly trying to deny him and not wanting to lose his only daughter begs wolf not to take her. MC however stands her ground asking wolf to continue to defend the planet if she goes with him and to not harm her father or anyone else. he agrees to takes her away not allowing the king and princess to say goodbye to each other. The king brokenhearted , reach's out to starfox's team begging them to save his daughter from wolf and bring her back to him.

    Another idea I had was ether MC is a run away princess. She fled the planet due to the fact it was either attacked and she was forced to flee or she was arranged to marry a tyrant (possibly both.) As the years go by she ends up becoming a bounty hunter and has a run it with Starwolf joining his team after many run ins. The two have nothing but respect for one another's fighting styles. (Eventually falling for one another yet no one steps up first. Though obvious flirting occurs.) During that time wolf knows nothing about her past until they're close by the planet where he starts hearing rumors about a lost human princess and sees a missing poster that happens to look like his team mate. When confronted she tries to deny it of course. Wolf then mentions how they need to make a pit stop at the planet Elara which happens to be MC home planet. MC practically begs for him not to stop but he doesn't budge. (Eventually they'd end up running into the tyrant who took over.)

    If you have any ideas I'd loved to hear them ^^

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