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  • Dragon Ball Cheating RP ( OC x Girls )

    • Comment here first! Looking

    I am looking for someone who is open and willing to try and play as multiple characters at least 2 characters in the RP like for instance Chi-Chi and Goku or Bulma and Vegeta or something like that, I do want to discuss this some more considering I want to play my Original Character called Rashuba who is a Saiyan King from another universe where Frieza was defeated by the Saiyans and such.

    The overall idea is that Rashuba ends up heavily injured and transported to another universe or maybe the more canon one Universe 7 where one of the Dragon Ball Girls takes care of him and ends up developing feelings towards him, whether it is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Android 18, Videl or who it is doesn't really matter as long as it is still cheating 

    I am open to suggestions as well from people who seems interested in this RP I do want it to be kinda like how the one I am doing with WritesNaughtyStories is, since it is long in replies though I don't mind shorter replies in this one just not much shorter, you know?? 😅

    ( if you have any questions about anything related to this RP then do not hesitate to write to me on EcchiTexts or even in the comments right here since I am approachable so don't worry there~ )

    So I do hope someone wants to do this with me though I am going to be quite busy these next couple of days but I will reply back but only start new RPs up when the New Year rolls around~ ❤️❤️❤️ 

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    6 minutes ago, AirAllie14 said:

    Hey, this idea sounds really interesting and I would love to do it with you!

    So glad to hear would like to discuss this with you over EcchiTexts so we can see if we can make this work between us since I really want to do this RP in the New Year so let's try and figure it out before that ❤️😉 So do send me an EcchiTexts with your questions and ideas we can talk over for the RP

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