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    -Please do not reply to this thread. Should you spy something that peaks your interest, reach out to me through a private message instead.


    Introduction to the Writer


    Hello, everyone. Welcome to my small corner of the Moon. What you will find here on this thread is a brief summary of myself as a writer, as well as several points of interests regarding the genres and plots that I’m currently craving to play. Currently, I am seeking partners who would be interested in assisting myself in bringing to life some of my own fantasies. Fantasies that primarily  center themselves around the slice of life genre, to be exact.


    However, before jumping straight to the good stuff, I strongly advise that you read this thread in it’s entirety to be certain that we would be suitable partners. I will be honest and inform you all that I am quite selective...


    I’m a straight male for anyone that might be interested in knowing, and prefer to play against the female gender. As one who has been writing for the better part of his life, I have always taken great care when concerning my writing abilities. I have never claimed to be perfect, as I feel that no one should. However, I do confidently consider myself to be quite a significant asset to anyone’s benefit. Should they be searching for the same writing criteria and genres as myself, of course. I’m a literate piece writer and a strong advocate for the immense detail that causes all of us to melt with pleasure. While grammar and punctuation errors aren’t uncommon, I do proofread my work before presenting it to my partners to lessen the chances of problematic blemishes within a text. I expect this same level of effort from my partner, as well. It is often extremely disheartening to put forth a great deal of effort into a piece, only to then receive what could only be described as an unfortunate and outright lazy attempt at continuing a story.


    Throughout the course of my writing career, I have found that my own best interests lay within the deepest depths of the rabbit hole related to smut. I adore stories that come covered in layers of enticing arousal that leave a body trembling with lust stricken angst. Stories with a healthy dose of foreplay and teasing, please. This rabbit hole can be found within a number of different genres. Though I will admit that the Slice of Life realm does take the majority of the space here.


    Like most other writers, and as I stated above, I live for detail. Though I’m also a big believer in quality over quantity, as well. Some scenes during a piece require less, others more. I write what is necessary while still providing the same level of quality throughout a story’s entirety. Should you be curious as to what this looks like, I will be more than happy to provide a writing sample upon request. I feel as though this helps a piece flow at a more graceful pace while keeping it from becoming too drawn out and bloated. Essentially keeping things interesting, as well. Should we share this trait, then we will get along wonderfully. Also, I tend to use different fonts opposed to the regular within my writing, while also using colors to highlight dialogue. In my opinion, a piece is so much more fun to read when the literature looks just as well as it sounds.


    Limits and Preferences


    When writing erotic tales, I’ve found that I enjoy the buildup to the action just as much as the action itself. Perhaps even a little more so. For myself, there is simply nothing like a healthy dose of provocative foreplay taking place between two or more characters before finally surrendering to one another’s desires. A slow seduction with plenty of tantalizing teasing that will utterly torment both parties.


    Torment in a good way, of course.


    I am not one to judge others on kinks and fetishes, though I will say that my limits fall within the parameters of all things bathroom related. Other than those subjects, I am open to discussing whatever a potential writing partner might have in mind. Please, if something that you’re into might be a little controversial, let’s talk about first, yeah?




    In this section, you will find all readily available plots that I am currently seeking writing partners for. While most adhere to the more erotic side of life, the details concerning these said plots can still be edited to some degree as I am negotiable. I will always lend an ear to my partner should they have any ideas of their own that they would like to share, as well. If something that you see below sparks any amount of interest within yourself at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

    Detention Sucks!


    An erotic outing for the few that enjoy portraying multiple main characters at one time. This piece will center around three individuals. One male, and two females. Confined together within the walls of a small office during the after hours at a College University, these three individuals soon find unexplored and exciting new methods to entertain one another. Please read in full, as there is a great level of detail that needs to be understood!


    William, Arianna, and Emma. Three individuals who have known one another for as many years as they can count. Having grown up together while attending the same High School along the sidewalks of the same small town, the trio would remain close throughout their time spent together over the years.

    William, having always pursued the two females for the sake of a lust stricken angst, has never been efficient in successfully capturing either of these two playful minx. All due to the fact that Arianna and Emma have only ever seen their friend as just that...a trustworthy companion and strong shoulder to cry on when other men would so often wrong them. However...this wasn't to say that the duo didn't enjoy the affection of his desire. All too often would they strut about while wearing some of the most provocative clothing, flaunting their delicious figures and swinging those supple hips. All for his viewing pleasure in hopes of encouraging even the smallest amount of lewd behavior out of him. At times, even going as far as a subtle grope between his legs. To softly grinding their asses against him for a subtle spank...though only to swiftly jump out of his grasp the very moment he would move a muscle. A cruel game played by the trio that would soon become apart of their friendship and last into present times.

    In this present day, the trio is now attending the same University. Final exams for the semester are fast approaching, and the two sultry female bookworms are hard at work while they cram for the upcoming tests. The two women are admittedly stressed over the situation, knowing that a fair and passing score is crucial to their degrees. Not only this, but their boyfriends are equally as enthralled by their own studies, as well. Stranding the two women without anyone to quench their increasingly pent up sexual desire. Their provocative little game with William not even an option, as they've been so incredibly focused on studying that they have yet to even lay eyes on him for the better part of three days now. Meanwhile, the man himself had been dealing with his own personal dilemma...

    Throughout his life, William had never been taken as the academically inclined sort. Rather an unmotivated and confused individual with a lazy streak, baring no real plan for a profitable future. A completely opposite demeanor compared to the headstrong attitudes that were Arianna and Emma. Admittedly, the boy had only followed the duo down the path of a further education at the advice brought on to him by them, as they had been concerned for his well-being at the time. Hoping that a little deeper education would assist him in maturing, thus inevitably discovering some sort of future path for himself.

    Now, as their time at the University continues to prolong, even they seemed to have forgotten about him. Being as focused and successfully committed to their studies and relationships as the two girls were, it was a growing challenge to find the time to spare to relax and enjoy one another's company like they once used to. The times seemed to be rapidly changing around him...and needless to say, it has left him with an empty feeling of dread for what was to come as he had yet to discover the motivation necessary to propel himself forward in life.

    It's a Thursday evening at the University and most of the faculty and students have long since vacated the Campus. While some others still inhabit the various classrooms, all in preparation for the important exams that would soon come with the arrival of next morning. Of course, it would come as no surprise to find Arianna and Emma walking through the courtyard beneath the setting Sun. In route to the Campus Library for some last minute preparations of their own. Fatigued and frustrated with the stress of the current week, their anxiety is at an all time high. As is their heat...

    Overlooking the courtyard and hidden away inside of the Dean's old office, sits William. Faced with the task of cleaning out the space as a form of extra credit to apply toward the resulting score of his final exams, which he hasn't even the very least bit studied for. While attempting to fix this mess of an office, William is quick to notice two familiar and provocative figures passing by the window...

    Deeper Detail into "Detention Sucks!"

    I may accidentally repeat what has already been said above, but I've recently rewritten the premise and overall storyline that I have envisioned for "Detention Sucks!" This comes from popular request to those who have been interested in time's past, but yearned to have a better understanding of the story as a whole. As well as the characters within. Hopefully, this continued description of this said plot will provide a better outlook and direction for those who might find themselves interested today. Though should any question still remain unanswered, don't hesitate to ask whatever it is you might be curious to know.

    These three individuals in this story have grown up together throughout the entirety of their lives. They've formed a strong friendship over the years, with the male having always been left to yearn for something a little more. While the female pair have ultimately only ever viewed him as nothing more than a good friend to have at their side, despite himself constantly pursuing them. A shoulder to cry on and a trustworthy companion of some sort, really.

    Emma and Arianna are loyal, honest, and kind. Devoted to their studies and future success, as well as their long-time boyfriends. Who are normally just as equally as busy as they are, leaving the two females unattended and dissatisfied every so often. While William on the other hand, is much more of a care free type of individual that assumes to just live in the moment and enjoy it for as long as one can. So, why do they mesh so well together? Because despite their sophisticated type of lifestyle, even a good girl desires a chance to let her hair down. How do they do this? When the stresses of their studies become too much to bare and their better halves ignore their wants, needs, and desires, the girls seek out the only individual whom they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, could never ignore them. Using William as their plaything and taking advantage of his lust for them in the most cruelest of ways, but never allowing him to get too close or let themselves push things to a point of no return. Because at the end of the day, the two are still in committed relationships. Not only this, but they also cling very tightly to their higher standing morals...whenever they aren't teasing their little boy toy, that is.

    Basically, I've pictured their history together as a constant and on going lewd version of cat and mouse. These two girls have continuously used this young man as a form of stress relief for years. Not allowing him to touch and feel their voluptuous figures as they so tenderly grope and grind their bodies against him...gently toying with that hard and throbbing member between his legs while whispering the most taunting of words into his ear. Only to jump away and cease all contact with him should he even do so much as to even think about a touch in any way, shape, or form. Leaving him high and dry, left alone to finish himself off with only the memory of their encounters. As well as the many dirty fantasies they so often leave him dreaming of, too. At times, even going as far as to send him provocative photos of themselves wearing the most tantalizing of outfits...often asking him just whether or not their boyfriends would enjoy, just to keep him wrapped tightly around their fingers.

    William has never once complained about this little game that they play with him. However, what Emma and Arianna have failed to realize throughout their many years spent together, is that if he'd truly wanted them, he could surely take them. Though he doesn't. Based solely on the respect and admiration that he harbors for the two girls, as well as the strong bond that they all share. He simply chooses to let them skip away from him once they feel as though they've achieved the most satisfaction from his attention. Letting them go free and feel as if they were in no danger of being taken down and thoroughly disciplined by his hand. By keeping himself in check, they only continued to return for more. This level of mature composure he'd display was mutually beneficial, providing them with the stress relief they so often craved, as well as the attention that they were so often left without by way of their boyfriends. All while providing himself with the wonderful pleasures they so generously brought him with each little rendezvous.

    This game is of course soon brought to a new level of debauchery as the evening before their final exams, during their final semester of school, begins to bring the growing pressure down atop their already aching shoulders. Being as how their boyfriends are equally as committed to their own studies during this time, the girls have been left to fend for themselves for the last few weeks, having only time to study and no time for play. Just how far will they let themselves go when they just so happen to unexpectedly cross paths with their favorite little boy toy after hours on Campus...?

    Make no mistake, despite their sophisticated type of personality that they display to the general public, the characters of Arianna and Emma are nothing short of slutty nymphomaniacs behind closed doors. To better answer your any questions concerning the male character in this story, he hasn't always been so selfish when it comes to these two girls. Allowing them to walk away and such in times past. Though once he finally gets his hands on them that evening, he becomes drunk on them. Even as they try to distance themselves from him and act as though what had happened between them had never transpired, despite enjoying it immensely themselves, he only pursues them harder. Using methods of blackmail and coercion to break their morals and cause them to ultimately surrender to their desire for him. Perhaps they fail they're exams after becoming so distracted by the intoxicating pleasure found within William? I was also thinking that in terms of the blackmail, perhaps he has actually kept those provocative photos they'd sent him? What if there are videos, as well? Needless to say, he ultimately becomes extremely selfish toward the girls. Wanting them only for himself as he ultimately feels as though they owe him after so many years of experiencing their cruel teasing while getting almost nothing in return. All while the girls eventually come to realize just how much they truly want him, as well...but can they share? In short, this young man is borderline ready to ruin their lives to get what he wants...every inch of them.


    Special Delivery


    A young woman by the name of Emma Martin has just been accepted into one of the most prestigious Universities in the Country. However, this acceptance still comes without a full scholarship and she will have to front a good portion of the proceeds herself. Not only is this sum of cash far more than she has ever made within her lifetime, it is also next to unobtainable for a less than well-off individual such as herself. Left with little to no choice, she accepts an offer to work as a part-time escort to help aid herself with the hefty price that tends to follow oneself when attempting to further their education.

    Having always harbored the reputation as the “good girl” type throughout most of her life, one might think that slipping into such a scandalous and secretive profession might be impossible. Still yet, Emma has always been a confident girl. One whom knows just how sexy and provocative she can be when necessary, harboring a delicious figure with curves in the most important of places. Knowing just how to use these said features to get what she wants and isn't afraid of taking on such a challenge...finding the fantasy of it all quite thrilling, even. Seeing the opportunity as a form of stress relief after working so incredibly hard at her studies, as well. During the day, she is a diligent and focused individual. Devoted to her education and future. By night, these characteristics she harbors do not waver. Though they do take a different direction...one that comes in the form of a tantalizing and cock hungry little tease for whomever she might be spending the evening with. So long as they had the cash to spend, of course.


    Emma has now arrived at the end of her first month as an escort. She hadn't been overly certain just how she would fit in to the role at first, but found quick success soon after starting. With this success, came even more confidence. Soon becoming one of the most requested women at the agency for which she works. She falls in love with the profession, as well as the income that follows suit. Allowing herself to not only put herself through school with ease, but also leave her with more than enough to live and even spoil herself on. This once proud and sophisticated Church going girl, has slipped into the shoes of a fun loving nymphomaniac...and she just simply can't get enough of this newly discovered pleasure.

    In present day, Emma has just departed from school and checked into the agency. Her last name is disguised in an attempt to conceal her complete identity, as she couldn't bare the shame of anyone finding out just what she was up to behind closed doors and soiling her reputation amongst her peers, friends, and family. God forbid the University catching her...though she would be lying to herself if she hadn't considered this aspect to be a large contributing factor to the thrill of it all.

    After chatting up yet another stranger through an online private chatroom through her agency, Emma books her newest customer. The man in question has requested a "Provocative pizza delivery girl" cosplay for the evening, and she happily caters to this wish. Cutting no corners with the outfit and even going the extra mile to pickup a piping hot pie for both of them to enjoy in route to his Hotel.

    Though what will her reaction be upon arriving at this stranger's room...? Only to discover that he is an old friend from her childhood whom she once had grown up with.




    As of this moment, these are the only plots that I have readily available. More will be added in time, so please feel free to check again soon!


    With that being said, I am actively taking inquiries for the plots listed above, as they are my current cravings at this point in time. Should either of them peak your interest, feel free to contact me through a private message.


    I look forward to hearing from you!

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