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    We're the last two survivors of a pirate attack, our escape pod burning past their ships as hundreds of other pods crashed into debris, were captured in fields of light, or slammed into each other in an act of desperation to escape the fate pirates would choose for them. The pod shuddered, the lights flickering in brief pulses, and you could hear wind whistling through a breach somewhere above the only other occupant in the ten man pod. You craned your neck to look out of the one window in the craft, unable to see the pods destination and unable to leave your seat with the inertia dampeners practically off. It was then that your only companion stirred, groaning, forehead covered with blood after taking a nasty blow to the head, having helped force your safety bars down as the power failed. With nothing else to do, but pray, you began to wonder about the man across from you.

    I have a few ideas for this, first we can start with the tech level we have access to. We have nano forges and nutrient processors, the forges being lower class so slow in their crafting ability and the processors producing little more than a neutral flavored drink meant to keep people alive. Our destination can be one of three places an asteroid, leaving us with a metal rich, if dangerous and very small, parking spot, a moon, leaving us dangerously low on anything but space, or a planet where survival is not difficult.

    Finally, for characters i'd play.

    Crewman. A regular crewman, familiar enough with the systems though lacking in any great experience or training. Survival would be simple enough and he'd likely get you both through most problems, if slowly. His attitude towards you would be lacking, you're an extra mouth to feed and he'd rather keep his own full first. It might be best to find some way to keep him happy, else the stress may get to him and you both would suffer for it.

    Engineer. An experienced crewman who's familiarity with the life pod systems would be an incredible boon, practically making any situation a breeze. No matter the place we land we'd soon have a fully functioning station with enough comforts to offset the worries of deep space threats. His attitude towards you would be mild, unlikely an inconvenience for him but not a boon. He'd likely prefer to ignore you for the most part unless you have some requests of your own.

    Escaped prisoner. A dangerous ganger, well versed in violence, whos experiences running from the law have left him capable of surviving with practically anything. Our little pod would eventually become comfortable, after necessities were met, and he would be able to thrive on practically nothing. His attitude towards you would be difficult to endure. You're nothing but a mouth to fill, or a hole to enjoy, using you whenever to ease the stress of survival. You would have to learn how to live with the man, easing his stresses and becoming more familiar with him, or risk simply being a toy to be used until you're found or broken.

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