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    Hey all!

    I recently joined this site and then had some life situations come up. as well as my employment being rocked with extra work. So I had to take a small hiatus. Apologies to anyone who I had started to discuss stuff with ahead of time.

    You read the title correct, I'm here to roleplay as your Fandom or Celebrity crushes.

    It may seem a bit strange, but I've found I LOVE playing as people's crushes. I love playing established characters that people have a thing for and playing out a relationship with them. 

    That being said I am TOTALLY open to playing the established character against your OC without needing you to double for me.

    I am also open to playing harems or a roleplay that cycles through different women.

    My only requirements are that YOU provide ME with the picture of the character(s) you'd like me to play. A decent trade off I'd say for me playing out your desires with the person you desire

    Plotting of the roleplay can be shared between us and control of side characters will also be shared. Roleplays can be as deep or shallow as you'd like and we can plot out a basic storyline accordingly.

    I work part time and go to college so replies might be a bit between sometimes.
    1-3 paragraphs

    I'm here to play your crushes. That's what gets me going. I love taking established characters or people and having them give it all to the person crushing on them.

    That being said i will play your crush!
    Shows - Movies - Games - Celebrities - Anime - Egirls
    All are accepted! I can also play either the celebrity OR their character.

    Only limits: No gore. No vore. No scat.

    Please feel free to EcchiText me!

    My only limits are. No  Vore. No Gore. No Snuff. No Scat. Everything else generally goes. I look forward to playing with you!

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    Interesting idea. I normally like to RP family stuff, but never considered doing something like fantasizing with a celebrity or character crush. I'll have to think of who I'd most like to get with. Lol

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