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  • [F4A] Devils Rise Up! (High School DxD setting)

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    I will be playing the last blood survivor of a lost devil clan, Moloch. My clan invented the Evil Pieces the other clans use, and they were exterminated when they announced they were against the rise of the Gremory clan. On this mission of revenge, my greatest asset is my enchanted right eye, allowing me to see dormant Sacred Gear within their hosts. Her name is Kaya (seen here).


    You can use your own OC and we can discuss the details of their arc. I have a pre-written character here. 

    Your character will be the first new member of my house. A (maybe initially)  unwilling member, they have stuck around because they have hidden feelings for MC (perhaps being sexual with each other in some bizarre contest of dominance?). Their Sacred Gear is known as Wild Heart, giving them a strong affinity for animals and being able to don armor and abilities based on various animals of the world. Maybe even were-beast transformations? 

    More characters can come later, including occasional clashes with canon characters. The ratio of story to smut can vary. I hope to rp with you soon! 

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