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    Hey everyone! Was hoping to find somebody will to plan an ERP with me who'll be on semi-consistently and be happy with plenty of build and long term planning~
    The loose qualifications for this are that he/you are able to play a horny male goblin(s) or imp(s) opposite my character for whatever reason. I'd hoped to do a bit of buildup in the sense of him constantly hitting on me, tempting me, exposing himself to me, etc before I eventually start caving and letting him do more and more to me~
    Maybe first, he starts strutting around our camp/house nude to show himself off, then maybe he'd start peeping on me as I bathe/change~ next, he might ask or simply start jacking off to me clothed or not~ after which, I may start sucking him off, giving him handjobs, boobjobs, etc~ and we move along from there~

    If this sounds fun to you, do message me and we can plot out the scene 😋 been trying to do something like this for a long time, so I'm hoping I'll finally have some luck and meet a partner or two that'd be willing to do it and have the time and creativity for it as well~ I have discord and would MUCH rather play there than here, but you'll need to DM me for that~ 

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