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  • Hello, fellow dreamers. 

    I was brainstorming (with myself) this idea for a long time and would love if someone here would want to play with me.

    The following prompt is a combination of many prompts I have already played in the past, so you're free to ask anything about it and/or suggest it as much as you want.



    The McBride Farm is the first the breeders of expensive and rare animals have in mind when they need an expert in animal breeding. Nobody knows their secret or methods of breeding animals so fast and so perfectly, without loosing a single part of the good genetic into animals, sometimes even improving them. The horse breeder once told he took to the farm a male horse that was worth 300 million dollars, and in one week, he received three perfect foals with good genetic, looking exactly as their father, he was amazed to see such speed and perfection that he always take his horses to the farm, once a year to be bred, "The family is gentle and take care of my horses like they would take care of a family member." said Derek, to the news reporter this morning.


    Nobody know about the secret of McBride Farm, how a man and his daughters are able of having such good results in such a short time? Today you, dreamer, will be able to feel on your skin how the breeding farm works!

    In my prompt, I will play as the patriarch of the family, Jake McBride, a 45 years old man trained in genetics that discovered some years ago a formula to allow any species breeding into an human womb with an annormal speed. The only problem is that formula only works on his relatives, so he uses his daughters are his employees to keep the farm running. Not only the animals have a fast pregnancy speed, but humans too, as long as they are related to the womb's owner, so the father is able to breed his daughters in order to get more employees.

    Now comes the part that I tell what I want you to do in that prompt and what will be roles:

    • You will play as any of the McBride daughters, that have the job of breeding the animals;
    • The McBride Farm is getting famous, so the number of demands is increasing, more daughters will be needed;
    • The McBride Farm is located in a very secluded place, so there is no outfit rules in the places;
    • There is a list that updates every week with the tasks the daughters must accomplish;
    • The formula makes possible the pregnancy of not just one puppy, but many at once, what makes the service high quality;
    • I will play as the father and the animals that need to breed;
    • There is always time for some family fun, we can discuss about orgies if you want;
    • Baths are optionals;
    • No comdons are allowed in the McBride Farm;

    Do you think that prompt worths? Just ecchitext me, do you think we could play that with some adjustments? Sure, let me know!
    I'm open minded about kinks, so let me know anything you want to include.

    PS: I'm not a native english speaker, I hope that's not a problem for you!

    PS: No hyper or furries, please!


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