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  • Female Sub Looking For Older (Any Gender) To RP - Many Prompts

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Here are some prompts! Please understand that I am looking for at least 30+. You being a year or two older doesn't do it for me. Let me know if you like them!

    RP where I sign up to work at a small pet store. You are my boss, and you decide to turn me into your pet/slut/slave. Keeping me collared and kenneled for your pleasure.

    I am a freshman in college that rented a room in your house to stay in to save money. You decide to coerce me and train me to be your pet/slave.

    RP where its summer break of my freshman year of college, and I really need money to pay off my loans. I see an ad in the paper for a live-in servant girl. I would be required to live on your land all summer. I sign up, and I'm pretty nervous for the first day, wondering what kind of work I will be doing.

    My mom uses me as collateral for her gambling addiction, thinking she was sure to win. When she eventually ends up losing, you are granted ownership of me. (Maybe you work at the bank, casino, or just a guy that was funding her). You turn me into your reluctant pet/slave/toy.

    Rp where I take a job at a country club. Paying too much attention to the pay, I sign the contract not reading the rest. You use this to turn me into your pet/slut/slave of the club.

    (This is a variant of the last one) I take a job at a country club, not realizing it is black only. The pay is really good though, so I sign the contract right away, not knowing what the contract really stated....

    I'm desperate for money to get through college, so I take any jobs I can find to help make money. I see a local ad to be a server for a poker/football night for some old men. I take it, not reading the contract as I sign it...


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