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    "The legend of Lady Luck was simply that, a legend right? Surely there wasn't some random woman roaming the Casino's, bestowing good fortune on random folks? Well it turns out the legend was true! Milo or "Mimi" as she often went, was this legendary figure. With just a kiss on the cheek she could turn the unluckiest schmuck into a High Roller, of course there was always a string or two attached. For starters, her affection is fickle; if she feels she isn't getting enough attention or the right kind of attention, luck can go south realllllllllll quick. Also her blessing can't be cheated, if the kiss isn't earned then the only luck that's bestowed is bad. She's also a bit of a brat, prone to throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way, but she can also be very sweet, like handing out winning lottery tickets to random folks for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But most dangerous of all is her boredom. If she's not kept entertained...she'll find her own fun. So come on down ladies, hit the tables, roll the dice, maybe Lady Luck will smile upon you, of course she may be more then you can handle!" 


    Pretty simple premise, your character would be either a down on her luck gambler, or maybe just a tourist looking to win big at the casino's when you come across my girl, shenanigans occur and fun is had by all. We can discuss more details in messages.

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