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  • (Futa4A) Alcoholic Oasis (Va-11 Hall-A)

    The Year is 207X. It's the utopian/Cyberpunk-esque future people have been fantasizing about. Flying cars, automated factory jobs, truly sentient AI beings and much more. Yes, as bright as the future is, corruption, chaos and disaster are still present. Especially in a little city called: Glitch City. Prices have skyrocketed. People just barely able to afford the basic luxuries of life. Instant-Noodles, toilet paper and even the concept of a shitty home is nearly unobtainable. All thanks to a corrupt government.

    But it could be worse. They could just sick their guards on everyone and just get rid of the poor. But that wouldn't bode well for them. Despite how corrupt the government may be and the dangers that lurk around almost every corner. There's one place that one can go to. One little haven, a small oasis in the concrete desert.

    That special hall where restless souls can rest. You just have to look at the bottom of a glass to find it.

    Va-11 Hall-A


    Heyya! Hope you enjoyed the intro. Sorry that it doesn't give much insight. Recently got myself a game, Va-11 Hall-A! Had my eye on it for a while and so far I'm having a blast with it! I won't bore you with the details but in short, it's a visual novel where you play as a bartender named Jill just living life in this dystopian/cyberpunk world.

    I will clarify this RP while it is a fandom, it doesn't require knowledge on the game. Because it's hard enough finding roleplayers for media that isn't MHA, One Piece or whatevers popular. So you're free to reach out to me. I'll be playing as Jill! And you, you're open to play... Well anybody really. Male, futa, furry, female, femboy or hell even a Lilim. All I ask is that you keep inline with the theme of the RP. It'd be weird roleplaying with someone playing as a shortstack elf. But then again, the game does have talking Corgi's. Still I'm keeping inline with the Cyberpunk theme. Hell I'd be down to include some of the characters from Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Just for fun.

    This'll be a long term RP of Jill just going through life and working at the bar (Va-11 Hall-A) with her co-worker John, err- Gil. And her boss Dana. Aside from that we can also play and create some new characters that'll occasionally show up and become regulars. But mainly one of them will be your character. Who you are, how you found the hell-hole of a bar and what drink you'll have is totally up to you. Hell maybe we can have some fun with it and tell some rp stories, whether strange, weird or bad. And we could frame it as just a strange experience in your characters life, Something meta like that. Your character could even possibly hook up with Jill? But we can discuss everything in dms. Speaking of

    The RP will be done in EcchiText or Discord. Please be able to write 5 pc lines, 1st or 3rd perspectives are welcome! My kinks are all optional. The RP will be relatively vanilla, I'd say. Nothing kinky or intense.

    Kinks: Futa dom/sub, cuddling, cuddle fucking, cunnilingus, anal/vaginal sex, anal/vaginal creampie, fingering, frottage, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), stomach bulge, excessive cum, lipstick marking, facial, cock slapping and hair pulling

    Limits: Death, gore/guro, BDSM, leather/latex suits, toiletplay, watersports, abuse, prolapse, piss/fart/scat, blood, face sitting, fisting, ABDL, diapers, vomit, feet/foot kinks, stepping kinks, smegma, sounding, CBT, chastity, feminization/sissification, ball-busting, pain kinks and bimbofication

    If you’re interested feel free to EcchiText me! If you'd much rather prefer I play female rather than futa, that's also an option! Though do know I'm a little rusty.

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