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  • GM looking for a Dom Futa. Wanting to run a smut/story mix fantasy adventure!

    Great! If you're reading this, I at least caught your attention, so please, stick around!


    As I said, I'm looking for someone to play a primarily dominant Futa, basically in an open world fantasy sandbox, which will hopefully have an overarching storyline and the like. Being submissive isn't really needed, as I greatly prefer to sub, and I am not large into the femdom front, but if a big buff orc lady shows up...there's not too much other choice. Bottoming/recieving also falls into the same category, if you would like it, or don't, let me know, keeping something entirely out is not a problem, but I can also include it, though I'm not as experienced on that front. 


    I would like to run a classic fantasy world, monsters, magic, knights, adventurers, dungeons, you name it. More worldbuilding can be fleshed out or done together. I do have a few preliminary examples/ potential options of what kind of characters I'm kind of wanting to have as my Protagonist down at the bottom. 


    Ideally, I'd like someone literate, with a good paragraph on average for responses. 


    The less limits and more kinks you have, the better, as it opens up more options to keep smut fresh and exciting. On that front, my only limits are rimming, sounding, abdl, disproportionate sizes, and disgusting substances like scat, smegma, etc. We can discuss kinks more in person!


    I plan on playing purely feminine characters, meaning nearly every important character will be a female, femboy, or futa, and masculine males will almost entirely be background/filler characters. 


    Final disclaimer, I only rp on discord, so I'll probably ask a few questions so we can get a feel for things, and then send you my discord username. If this interests you, send me a message with your favorite type of magic, or a favorite hentai artist! For me, that artist is Seraziel. Finest futas around. #1 favored refs for my partner to use.


    Some examples of characters or the like that I'm looking for have some sort of goal in mind, though not entirely necessary, some examples of some characters that might be fun are as follows:


     - The last follower of a nearly dead god, trying to rebuild the faith and following, gaining power as the god does through the belief of their followers. (Please don't make it just a god of sex or fertility *please*)


     - A fugitive, entering a new country after running from a crime they did or did not commit. Or perhaps they were persecuted for their race, being a buff futa wolf lady, or demon or the like, and they go to a place with much less prejudice.


     - A slave, finding a special chance to escape their life and the mines/other place to one day return and free the rest, as well as take revenge on their previous owners. 


     - Someone on their way to a place of promise, be it a dungeon, joining the adventurers guild, or the like. Often added to the goals of one of the others, but is a good generality.


     - A freelance mercenary trying to survive, make money, and perhaps even build a mercenary company of their own, or take over an existing one.


     - A pioneering/invasion military force, slowly conquering, subduing, or befriending a new land or other nation and their inhabitants.


    This is kinda the route I'm looking for, though if you have a good enough idea, I might break away from fantasy, though its somewhat unlikely. Though, places with high amounts of order such as prisons, schools, and the like are a lot more difficult to do, though we could work to figure something like it out.


    Hope to talk to you soon!

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