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    I'm into what's called 'classic' Sci Fi books and stories.  Back in 1938, a writer wrote a short story called 'Helen 'O Loy'....it was about a man that bought a female robot and fell in love with it.

    I want to do a play based loosely on this....a girl is kidnapped, brought to a secret lab where her entire body is updated and changed...she becomes a walking talking Barbie Doll, perfect shape, boobs and ass that will never sag, permanently bald vagina, blonde hair and blue eyes, full lips that even a botox recipient would die for.  The thing is, her mind if still intact....her body is completely programmable and she has no control over it in any way.....

    Looking for a strong dominant player and could be male or female....bondage and BDSM play is always a plus

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