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    Moving is never easy - though, it can be exciting! Moving from Japan to America would be so much fun for you! You were old enough that you could still contact your friends via messages, but still going through highschool. You'd get to meet a bunch of people...!

    It was your first day, and the class was stirring. The rumors had already spread that a new Japanese exchange student would be coming to school. The excitement seemed to grow as the teacher stood in front of the class, whilst a new student walked up front beside him.

    "Alright, everyone settle down. Now, you may know we have a new exchange student. This is Y/N, please be respectful, give some space..."

    You answered a few questions and talked about your home, before you finally took a seat and class continued as usual. It was obvious you were going to be fairly popular here...


    Sam was hooked. He was so intrigued by the new student. And they were sitting in front of him! He didn't want to get them in trouble, so he quickly scribbled down a little note and, when nobody was looking, tossed it onto your desk. He hoped that would be a decent first impression. It read:

    Welcome to America! I hope you're not too stressed by all the attention. I'm Sam, the blonde kid in the Beatles hoodie sitting behind you. Next period's lunch, and I know it can be annoying to be crowded by people. If you want, I know a spot where you can eat your lunch in peace?

    Below that was a couple of sketches for you.




    So, you read my post! My preferences are listed above, but are subject to change based on starters. This one may be a little bit vanilla compared to what I'm capable of. I'd like this to be a bit of a slow burn, and I want it to be enjoyable. I'm okay with Male or Female characters for this RP, though I'll be playing male. I hope to find a partner than can really make this fun and interesting! Please let me know if you're interested!

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    This actually seems like a really cute and fun RP idea. I like long term RPs that can be slow burn at times, and I feel like I can honestly adjust my main OC to fit the requirements of this RP, seeing as she does come from Japan and this RP feels like it takes place in a normal world setting. 

    I think from there it really depends on the characters chemistry though. In slow burn RPs I've done, the relationships don't always work out, and so it can sometimes be a hit or miss. While I can ( and do ) always try to write out the romance, ultimately in these long term RPs I find that my characters speak for themselves much more naturally and therefore they don't always work out in regards to the other person's character.

    I would love to discuss RPing more with you if you are still interested in this plot, but I know it's a couple months old so it might not be as desired anymore.

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    Hi there! I love your idea and I would definitely be up to rping it with you if your interested!

    I can play female and I can also play male(only trap/femboy though if your into that.) I would love to discuss more with you if you want!

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