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    Alright folks, I'm laying it all out! These are things/characters/traits I want to explore, mostly things I haven't gotten to do before or simply haven't gotten to do recently, and I want to. No real story is attached to any of them at the moment but I certainly would love to build a story around them!


    Anything Extreme Pregnancy related like rapid pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, alternative pregnancy, ect. Definitions will be provided as needed.
    Cum Inflation
    Excessive Cum
    Extremely long tongues, think Tsuyu from MHA
    Centaur Girls
    Goblin Girls
    Chubby Girls (Not like morbidly obese or anything)
    Mommy Doms/Subs
    Smol Doms 
    Cock Cages
    Orgasm Denial
    Forced Orgasms
    Sexually Aggressive Partners
    Sloppy Kisses
    Sloppy Blowjobs
    Harems, not just as a dom but also as a sub, I'd love being forced into a role as a sex slave for a group of women

    I also had a few simple ideas I'd love to flesh out:

    1.) A female Peeping-Tom is caught by her classmates while trying to take pics of them in the locker room only to be punished. YC would be the peeper.

    2.) A guy and a girl are kinda the outcasts of their friend groups who get together at a party, this one is a little more slice of life but could be rather lewd as well.

    3.) A one night stand that leads a girl to become an obsessed stalker targeting MC, this one could get dark if your interested.

    4.) A scientist doing research into human fertility uses MC as her lab rat, it can be either with or without his knowledge.


    (As stated in the title this is a constantly evolving list, more may come in the future. Message me if you're up for any of it.)

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